It is completely inappropriate to rent any space due to the huge number of space owned by the city. Especially not at such unbelievable prices as in this case, which only proves that the Mayor and this city administration prefer to favor certain individuals and meet them - commented Renato Petek, a city representative new private office space for the needs of the Goljak Elementary School, who has been a subject for years and never gets his school building, which we have written in the past few days.

- It is obvious that there is no city property management strategy, because there is no register with the entire list of the same, and what is in function of the rent creates new borrowers because the rent is badly charged. The monthly rent for city dwellings is currently higher than 225 million, only by legal entities - said Petek, who last week presented a series of data on the huge debt of different legal entities toward the City, which was bombed by Milan Bandic. publicly insulted at the press conference by calling him "bogecom" and a small man. For, according to Bandic's distorted version of the sentence given by Eleanor Roosevelt, "only little people are thinking of other people."

At the same time, the mayor and the people of this city thought of the other people, or residents of this city. When he needed their voices then he was not a problem with himself with a small mouse. The little mouse Bandic no longer mentions, rather than talking about himself in the third person, which is a sign that he no longer tolerates the smoldering of the swarms he gathered around him.