More than half a month, HDZ leaders in Zagreb have refused to comment on the award given to Budimir Lončar by their coalition partner Milan Bandic on behalf of Zagreb. But after everyone else has almost forgotten this news, a statement from the HDZ in Zagreb was received today.

-Grady organization of the HDZ of the City of Zagreb did not even have or have, or could ever have to do with, the decision of the Medal of the City of Zagreb to be awarded to Budimir Lončar - by Mayor Milan Bandić, according to the powers of the City Statute of Zagreb, by his will and political assessment and without any announcements.

About the work of Budimir Lončar is still 27. September 1991. said the first Croatian president and HDZ dr. Franjo Tuđman through a statement by the Croatian government. These words have no dandanas to add or subtract:

"Budimir Loncar continues to represent the policy of equalizing the aggressors of Serbia and the JNA and the attacked Republic of Croatia. (...) Loncar has failed to express loyalty to the Republic of Croatia, thus setting aside opponents of a peaceful democratic and just solution to the Yugoslav political crisis. "

The HDZ is clearly and relentlessly attached to the legacy of Dr. Franjo Tudjman - who recently received the most prestigious monument in the City of Zagreb recently - says the HDZ secretariat.