We recently wrote about new leases of expensive offices for Zagreb schools.

Opposition deputies Renato Petek i Tomislav Stojak consider that after Milan Bandic's care for children there is an interest in disposing of uninvited squares, which have close constructors in his fundus. Similarly, the president of the city HSLS, who for allegedly endorsing USKOK criminal charges against Bandic on banner for a few years ago, is still gathering dust on USKOK trays.

- This is not just the case with the schools. We, too, for local self-government boards, are paying a lot of private space, and we leave urban areas inaccessible. That is, the Kalnik cinema is decaying, and we could also accommodate the local self-government committee and the Center for Culture of Črnomerec. Obviously, the businesses that the mayor's pets receive from the City, whether by buying or buying their space, is a way of buying or purchasing their space - Klasić said, recalling that a lot of construction or hire plummeted particularly in Zagreb during the year when Bandic went out for some elections.

- The next time Bandic came out on presidential elections, even 110 million kuna was spent on the Big Creek to build two miles of macadam road. Well, that's more expensive than a mile of Dalmatina, which has hit the most expensive freeway in the world. And because of the fact that it was so expensive, we all know today because of the numerous court proceedings that are taking place or taking place around it, "Klasić remembers.

And we remembered what Bandic spoke at the Assembly when they called him to favor the private owners because of the expensive renting of private space for the Blessed Alozije of Stepinac at Vrbani. Two years ago, he argued that it was only a temporary solution and that in the city everything would seem to find space or land that would be urban, and the lease earlier ceased. This new space, as it is well-known for publicly announced budget projections and plans of competent offices, is still not looking for or planning to look for.

If the mayor may have forgotten what he has promised to citizens from whom he can pay and receive, he may look at the title video of this article as a result of the epidemic of his party branch outside of Zagreb.