Mayor Milan Bandic in the company of Israeli Ambassador to the Republic of Croatia Ilana Mor, Rabbi of the Jewish Religious Community of Bet Israel, Dr. Kotel Da-Dona, President of the Jewish Municipality of Zagreb Ognjen Kraus and Rabbi Moše Prelevic, visited the Jasenovac Memorial Area today. After visiting the former Jasenovac camp and the Memorial Museum, the mayor and ambassador laid the wreaths at the monument Cvijet.

My 19 years at the head of the city marked a close relationship with Nataša Jovičić, who 15 was head of the Jasenovac Memorial Area, and now is the current adviser to the mayor of the City of Zagreb. What I did not know, I learned from her. Everyone, from small children across the school to the oldest people in Croatia, should all know the truth about Jasenovac, said the mayor of Zagreb, recalling: Over the 83.000 people here ended their lives, just because they were members of another nationality, or Croats were anti-fascists and patriots.

In order for the Memorial Area to be worthy of the victims of the crime committed here, Mayor Bandic emphasized the need for the space and environment of the Memorial Center and the access road to be fully operational and added that the City of Zagreb would provide a 100.000 Kuna for the Study of Bogdan Bogdanović Reconstruction Study: This beautiful flower symbolizing freedom and life has to be representative. A special surprise was the opening of a memorial room with Bogdan Bogdanović's legacy in the Zagreb Museum of Contemporary Art.

Anti-fascism is a world acquis, it is a question of personal and collective freedom and is not the privilege of left or right parties - it is a human and civilizational reach, Milan Bandic concluded.

Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Republic of Croatia Nj. E. Ilan Mor emphasized that he was impressed by the Memorial Center. He thanked the mayor for a time that separated him for a joint visit to Jasenovac. For the first time I'm here and I feel a lot of effort is being made here to remind people of what was before 70 and a few years ago, said the ambassador and expressed the hope that in the future Jasenovac will have a lot more visitors, especially young people who need to come from the historian to hear what happened here.

If we forget, then the same fate will again come to us and we will again experience this cruel, bad side of history. Education is a key word, it does not just begin in kindergarten or school, it starts home, in a home where children and young adolescents listen to their parents - how they communicate and talk about minorities, about other people, about different people. Thus children learn, Ambassador Mor said. (uploaded from