Wines from the Kutjevo family winery and their creator Ivicu Peraka I just presented last year when she was guest in Kalelargi and announced some news that her children, Maja i Ivan presented on 2. Wine talks with Tomislav Stiplošekom in the Procaffe coffee bar in Tkalčićeva street. The young forces that Ivica has engaged in the business are well-placed with business challenges: Maja has taken pride in promotion and marketing, and Ivan is spending more and more time in the vineyard and basement, and with the excellent oenologist the dad supposes is that a recognizable logo berry on the grove and in the future proudly stand on labels.

Tomislav Stiplošek, Ivan and Maja Perak
(photo: Silvija Munda, GET Culture Association)

From vineyards to perfect positions Mitrovac - Lukač - Vetovo nearby Kutjeva comes the grapes from which they produce on-cult grain mill Mitrovac 2017. and 2018., Perak presented the young chardonnay (2018.) sauvignon blanc (2017. and the immature 2018.), a monocortical top-quality Merlot (2016.) and first presented the Muškat yellow last year's harvest.

O Mitrovac I guess even knives all know: excellent, complex wine with green apple, recognizable minerality and pleasant bitterness in the after, this time did not leave me indifferent. Both vintage already have all the attributes of the top drop, with the - I dare say - 2018. there is also a greater potential than a year old sister.

Sauvignon they are waiting for their time, especially last year's vintage that has not yet been discouraged. Flavorings are yet to develop, but the recognizable meadows and lace fragrances are passed through the nose after the wine is poured into the glass for some time. Berth 2017. is actually the first vintage that ended in bottles (except Merlot, all the other bottles are with a threaded plug that guarantees the same quality and several years after filling).

Perak wines (photo: Silvija Munda, GET Culture Association)

Greenish color Chardonnay but at first glance it says that it is still a young wine with potential: in the smell of fresh fruit and field flowers can be enjoyed already, but I will wait for the summer sparines and to sip it with some white fish by the sea or slightly spiced chicken in some kleti .

The evening was still Dolcetto from the Lukač position, mild but present tannins, a characteristic smell of black berry fruit perfectly blended with Pure cheese, and also with the ham of Procaffe coffee.

Perak wines and snacks Procaffe (photo: Silvija Munda, GET Culture Association)

For the rest, we tried Musk yellow which Perak has recently begun to produce on Majino's insistence and most liked it. It is a grape variety that produces sparkling wine Asti Spumante because of the required acids, but it is often sweet, as is the case with this semi-sweet, fairly warm and soft wine.

In the Perak winery palette, everyone can find something for their taste - even when we mention it sparkling wine te predicate ice wine, both of the grain, and more than affordable prices "It is no surprise that Perak wines are increasingly found on wine cellars and restaurant tables.

Wine talk show Tomislava Stiplošeka continues 7.3. 2019., When guests come to Agrolaguna with the premier of several wines that are not yet on the market.