Vinart Grand Tasting is a wine festival with an invitation - an experienced wine expert Saša Špiranec and his team this year selected the wineries he thinks are the leaders - on the Croatian market and each in their price class - of quality grape growing and the production of top quality wines. In addition to the two festival days, with the already famous pop-up a wine cellar for which it is possible to buy wines that will be exhibited by some twenty workshops, this year's festival is also enriched by Vinart Petite Tasting On topic New Europe Terroirs where the winemakers from Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia and Poland presented their wines that are unique because of the unique microclimate and pedological conditions in which they originated. Spiridac emphasized that most of them are about winemakers who are unknown, and their wines are unavailable to the Croatian wine audience.

But I'm special - like a real nerd in front of me sommelier exam - intrigued three workshops: two on autochthonous domestic varieties - Babic i Maraština (rotten), and the third about the vineyard emperor, his majesty Riesling - somehow in the second place - which was great on the Plešivi slopes.

About Babić Ive Matošina has already appeared, repeatedly tried the Testament, Barak Gracin and Prgina, but now there were even 9 on the table, carefully chosen, mostly top babies in the selection of the excellent wine-tasting expert but also the vineyards in Primošten and Sibenik vineyards - Martine Milicevic. Martina tried to introduce a varietal style of wine of the same variety, but with different micro-locations and succeeded in it! Babies who have been wearing the epithet for a long time "wines that promise"From these workshops called" Babic - new time ", as far as I'm concerned, I have moved to a higher ranking of the competition, primarily because of the exceptional quality and the already mentioned diversity terroir in fact a very small space.

It is particularly desirable when wine secrets uncovered a long time ago uncover an evergreen that does not hide its love to the most common ruby ​​to garnet red-colored nectar that is made of grapes grown on most of the earth's rough terrain pockets near the sea. In such positions chocolates are regularly small yields, but by the work of the wine-makers of exceptional quality, and it is to be expected that the wine will be, at the very least, very good quality. But I was surprised by some other positions I did not even dream of hiding berries with great potential to become top-quality wines.

But a lot of general praise - here's how the jury of my organoleptic senses voted ...

Martin initially selected Babic's guide wineries run by young people Nikola Birin, a thirty-two-year-old wine grower and winery who for a decade with babić produces very good wines and from debts and apples, and they also breed blueberries and glasses. A graduate agronomist who has acquired the knowledge of the Government of Krauthakera for about two years in 2 hectare in the waterfront hides around 20 of grapes, and the rest is purchased from local winemakers if necessary. The winery has a capacity around 70.000 liters, and currently produces around 15.000 liters. His baby Babic is pretty crunchy, creamy, with fruity notes of scented berries, even dried raisins with slightly acidic finish.

In Dubrava near Sibenik there is a family winery Straight which for almost sixty years, besides the dry wine of the baboon, is also an interesting opolo and maria. All the wines with good homemade snacks prepared by Mother Marina and Petra's may be tried in the tasting room next to the basement where Rakov Babić is kept in oak barrels for several years. The well-balanced, powerful and thick Babić Rak, which is dedicated to Father Rade and sons Andro and Ante, is a specific aroma of dark berry fruit, especially cherry maraske and moderate tannins and acids and more pronounced alcohols. Carefully trained, pleasantly terroir wine is very tasty and really is called on yet, so it's no wonder that you can find it on the Michelin starred wine-tasting restaurant Pelegerini.

Babic in a biscuit with a label on which stands proudly a beer, a symbol of a family tree by which this family Prgin known in the end is produced from grapes from vineyards on Bucavac, one of the most beautiful and famous locations in the Sibenik region. Except for the trademark of the winery, Prgin winery differs from other and different cultivations: while most other grapes Bucavcu left bushy to the ground, the Zagreb zet, otherwise the teacher of history Domagoj Horvat who took care of the vineyard and wines, raised the vines ten centimeters from the ground with wooden knocks. The winery itself is located in Primosten, and the plan is a new, larger basement in the prehistoric hinterland. The Babic who is guarded by the bows of a young vineyard, the lighter colors of the usual ruby ​​to the garnet red. Solid tannins, elegant, mineral and flourishing acids are harmoniously rounded with cherry aromas and definitely have potentials for storage for several more years.

timbre is the name of the label under which a small black goddess - how to bathe babies - into their bottles full Filip Karlo Baraka, a young winery whose babi is not in the foreground, but a cup of blueberry and cabernet sauvignon or merlot, or cabernet sauvignon and merlot. Grapes for babies come from another magnificent position - Jadrtovac, on the other side of Sibenik on the way to Primošten. As the ear distinguishes the tones of the same height, strength and color, so the palate reacts to this wine bar: dry and fresh, fresh and warm wine hides spices, vanilla, wood and coconut that require a little more time and rotating ruby ​​red liquid in the glass . A slim, highly concentrated dwarf is still one in a row that is ready for long-term resting in a dark and cold place.

From the same position as Baraka enologist Juraj Sladić who manages the winery on behalf of the Swedish investment fund, makes grapes attractive Will, fresh and rounded wine that first overwinteres with dried plum, vanilla and blueberries, especially if you taste it in the fresh air of a tasty cookie romantically located between the hillsides of the Adriatic. The climates of the climate and the karstic soils are even more pronounced through the full ecological wine production that further emphasizes the complexity and richness of taste and smell of black berry fruit. Expressed and firm tannins are aligned with alcohols and acids, which, by all means, will not fade for at least another decade.

Babić Ive Matošina from the vineyard in the vicinity of Primošten is still young, strong fruity aromas and more patient will surely be awarded with great wine if they can keep it for several years. For those who want to know a bit more - look for one of the older texts ...

The seventh was Babic's intriguing name Templar. Comes from Pirovac where the knights of faith left a deep mark in the production of red wines because surrender says that the density and the fullness of his color were a direct connection with Christ's blood. Family Livaić but for several generations dedicated to viticulture and winemaking, and today around 4 hectares of brothers Davor i Tomislav are bred except babies and blueberries, debts and marinas. About marketing and sales are taken care of by the sister Anja which their soft, sweet and fairly timid wines successfully distribute by wine map of restaurants. Rogač and dry figs with spices and other dry fruits enrich this wine of the middle body, a beautiful ruby ​​color with purple resin, and the freshness clearly says that the Templar can live for a few more years in the bottle.

Finally, there were two Babic's on the line Lea Gracina, a winemaker and a consultant of oenologist from Primošten, from whom some of the aforementioned lovers have learned something. And Gracin has vineyards on Bucavcu, so it was interesting to compare his career with those winery Prgin. Until the year before, wine with his last name on the market came out under the brand name Suha Punta, a winery that he shared with two more partners and then presented 2010 wine. wearing a name Tirade. Complex wine, with slightly less pronounced acids compared to Prgina, characterized by minerality with lots of cherries and Mediterranean spices. And after almost ten years, the wine is still alive, pleasantly and full of body. Young Gracin's baboon is pretty crunchy, fresh and dry. And it's worth it for his time to come!

Babies are recommended to serve at a little lower temperature than the room, to make the appearance of its freshness, and best to stir it with grilled meat, spicy food, game or aromatic sheep cheese.

The workshop was presented with wine: Babić 2017., Rak Babić 2016., Prgin Babić 2016., Baraka Timbar 2016., Testament Babić 2016., Matošin Babić 2016., Livaić Templar 2016., Gracin Tirada 2010., Gracin Babić 2016.