The Parliament began discussions on legal proposals Thursday to allow the conversion of all Swiss franc loans, and Finance Minister Boris Lalovac underlined that "the worldview and the issue of sovereignty of the state to correct the anomalies that have emerged on the market, we show that we are a sovereign state and protect our citizens ".

Lalovac said that with the Swiss franc, almost 90 percent of housing loans granted in the 2005 period were tied. to 2007. years. He argued that in Croatia at the time there were no Swiss francs at all as currencies, that banks paid out to the clients the kuna, and that they were borrowed in euros from foreign banks abroad.

In support of this assertion, he provided data from CNB newsletters, whereby the banks on the exchange rate in that period earned 3,5 billions of HRK.

Although banks have lost 3,3 billions of kuna on financial derivatives at the same time, Lalovac explains that they are traded with parent banks in Austria and Italy, and the loss of banks in Croatia has been recovered through the profits of their mother banks.

He also warned that in the CNB's bulletin, the banks had a very low level of resources in the Swiss franc. "When we talk about investing in investment, we are talking that investments here by the Austrian, Italian and other banks in the Republic of Croatia have come in euros and that their return to their mothers must be in euros," Lalovac says.

He argues that the problem with the Swiss franc and other countries was solved through special laws, and he also called for judgments in favor of debtors in other countries. He said that, for example, the Austrian Supreme Court ruled that one bank must compensate the debtors because they have insufficiently explained the Swiss franc's risk of lending.

"There are huge judgments and penalties for the banking system that in times of abundance of money in the market has shown greed, immorality and disadvantage in addressing long-term residential problems of citizens. The question now arises whether these people are still agonized because of their housing problems, the right to a home, their lives are back and they will never return their loan, or we will give them the opportunity to equalize them with those who took it in Euros, and in fact the core substance of the entire banking sector in Croatia, was in euros, "he said.

He refused to explain that the state should not interfere in market relations, assessing that precisely market freedom and the lack of regulation have led to problems with the "Swiss".