Two renowned Russian comedians named Elton John and presented himself as Vladimir Putin and his spokesman, in which the famous British singer completely believed, Komsomolsky Pravda announced on Thursday.

Vladimir Krasnov and Aleksej Stoljarov called Elton John as he said he would want to talk directly about the rights of homosexuals in Russia.

"We thought Putin would probably not call or meet him, but it turned out that Elton really waited for this call and quickly believed that the conversation was real," said Stoljarov, who speaks great English and is presented as spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Krasnov then met Putin.

Elton John thanked Putin publicly on his Instagram for calling him. "I look forward to a four-eye meeting and a conversation about LGBT rights," the singer wrote.

The Kremlin denied this very quickly. "We do not know who called Mr. Elton John, but President Putin is certainly not," he said, "real" Dmitry Peskov.

Elton John is not the first victim of these two comedians. Similarly, they have already deceived former Georgian President Mihail Sakawilli, Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klick and Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, among others.