Milan Bandic

At the invitation of the Mayor - General Director of the City of Dubai Dawood Abdullahman Alhajirija, the delegation of the City of Zagreb, led by mayor Milan Bandić, travels today to the official visit to the City of Dubai, today announced from the City Information Service.

-The program provides for meetings with the Mayor - the General Director of the City of Dubai, Dawood Abdul-Rahman Alhajirij and the director of Emaar Properties Mohamedia Alabbar.

In the delegation of the City of Zagreb, along with the Mayor, the head of the City Office for Economy, Energy and Environmental Protection Mirko Jozić, Head of the Office for Intercontinental and International Cooperation and Human Rights Promotion Vesna Šimić, Head of the Office of the Mayor Andrea Šulentić, Head of the City Planning Strategic Office and the development of Sanja Jerković, a senior adviser to the mayor of investment and foreign investment Harun Omerbašić and director of the Institute for Spatial Planning Ivica Rovis - said in an official statement from the City.

Otherwise, the Emaar Properties company mentioned in this statement is one of the companies that reported on Bandic's Public Call, which lasted only for 15 days, in which a strategic partner for a large construction around the Sava was sought. This project or promise Bandic thinks it will be in Zagreb Manhattan.

But a company that spoke to Bandic's call did not build a manhattan with some luxury Asian projects, builds a controversial Belgrade-based project that he likes to boast a Serbian president, although his fellow citizens do not even share that enthusiasm.

In the capital of Belgrade, representatives of the company probably met Bandic's close associates (and co-defendants in the Agram affair) who intentionally invested in various jobs in Belgrade for the past year. The source of capital buying business offices and skyscrapers in Belgrade is not known to the Zagreb public, and perhaps even to the Croatian judiciary.