Western Balkan countries should not become a "parking lot" for refugees, a senior EU official said on Thursday, alluding to political instability in the region.

"The Western Balkans should not become a parking lot or a refugee country. It would be a difficult geostrategic error, "said Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for the European Neighborhood. "The burden must be fairly distributed," he pointed out.

"We can not blame them for weak border controls if our members are not doing their job," he added, criticizing the European countries that they did not give enough money to address international problems that increase the refugee crisis.

In his words, 26 member states, all but Germany and Italy, have not yet paid the money to help Syria, although they are looking for "more to do" every day than Brussels.

Hahn also called on the Gulf States, the US and Canada to contribute to the resolution of the crisis.