At Zagreb's Kajzerica, in the Zrinjevac nursery, these days are particularly busy, cheerful and busy. Namely, preparations for 54 have begun. Floraart, the largest and most long-standing flower exhibition in this part of Europe. Exclusively, we first glimpsed into the large greenhouses that are home to plants that we will admire for two months. Gardeners and workers who work with seedlings, architects and everyone involved in this great project are happy to start a fairy tale that for years in Zagreb is attracting an increasing number of tourists and lovers of flowers and nature. In order for all the floral arrangements to be ready at the time, the Zrinjevac team is already working tirelessly.

"The story of this year's Floraart began in September when our designers designed a space and flower trellises for the exhibition. Landscape architects decide what kind of colors they paint and in which quantities they go to which location. Their task is to create a form in which this plant will give the greatest effect of color and scent, which is a kind of art! " - explains Vesna Čuljat from Zagreb Zrinjevac, who organizes an international exhibition, adds: "It is a concern that all flourishing species are in full bloom at the beginning of May, which means that the planting started in February, and we are still burdened by these days. Plants are approached carefully and plan, and at Floraart we will enjoy the beauty of more than 200.000 flowers! "

Already for the 54 years of the Zagrebers and their guests, every spring, the International Garden Show Floraart is inaugurated. This year's edition will be held at Bundek of 13. to 19. May, a manifestation to be visited by hundreds of thousands of fans of flowers and floral art from across Europe will once again show the magical beauty of nature.

Bundek will exhibit florists from Croatia and Europe, and will award prizes to even 26 categories including those for plant material exhibitors and the most beautiful home garden.

A team of 15 gardeners every day planted around 12.000 plant seedlings. Plants are mechanically and manually sown with special care every working day and are stored in the greenhouse, and on weekends there are some special treatments that some flowers require. Since all flowering species do not bloom for as long or under the same conditions, the seedlings are sown according to a specially prepared and thoughtful schedule. The worthy team from Zrinjevac has just two types of water, watermelon and ornamental sage these days.

Hundreds of people are involved every day in this great project that leaves an unbelievable impression thanks to which the Zagreb Bundek will be the most beautiful park in Europe in early May. Numerous accompanying events will be exhibited from similar exhibitions this year and Zagreb will be positioned in the leading city when such a flower exhibition is concerned.

(Text and photos sent and written by Toni Dabinović)