Although it was supposed to be his daughter, the first doctor in the family Bandic would still become a dad. Much less he taught and much easier exams than laid for it, but he did not need to look at titles in the teeth. Milan has been long overdue for this, he was praised for being able to attend lectures at all the world's universities, so one university decided to turn his dream into reality.

The Zagreb University will be Zagreb's Mayor, we can be brave and prejudiced in their decision, assigning the title of honorary doctor. The Academy of Music, one of the few Zagreb institutes, was awarded for this honor, which for 20 years of his distribution of foreign money received his own building.

So the leaders of the Academy of Music decided to end their meceni. Would not it be honored that some of his pre-election promises and post-election vision Milan Bandic realized.

And that is the greatest irony. Not that the mayor of Zagreb will become the honorary doctor of the university who year after year in the world ranking reputation and significance, than the doctor will get for something that is not good statistics.

If Bandic is a doctor of any sort, and a lecture on these experiences has recently been offered to public and students from the Paris Sorbonne and Boston Harvard, then it is getting numerous choices in spite of even more unfulfilled promises.

He also received a PhD degree in rescuing himself from political affairs and situations that most other politicians in the world would send to early retirement. He is indeed a master or doctor of political survival. That should be acknowledged.

It is a shame that his projects and vision did not follow his destiny. He talked about the metro, and in his two decades not even one meter of the tram line, and let alone the underground, was set up. Never before have the Zagrepčans been without a sloping lane as long as he was in charge of his mandate. And when it finally started to build it, it cuts all the world records into spending. Never have the Zagrebs been so long without a real football stadium. Although in various studies (or visions), emergency repairs and unfinished tribunals during Milan Bandic, only Maksimir spent more money than other European countries need to build large stadiums from the ice. The schools are no longer built, but they are rented for space by the astronomical amounts of the builders who can not afford to rent another half for less.

The city theaters wanted to build from the plates imported from Germany, but even those sheets had never become Limenko. Who still remember Limenka? Town property has never been so poorly equipped and the city budget has never been as great as Milan Bandic.

And around the private residential and business buildings that only grow up in Zagreb, there were never fewer parking spaces and never less greenery. Public space is daily deprived of its citizens. In return they get some fountain. They never followed the urban rules. None of the mayors in Zagreb are so dumb in that profession. But also all other sciences, sciences, and disciplines. About whom Bandic has no opinion at all. Because these various masters, professors, and doctors never received a stake in their hands, nor did they build a cottage. The line then would probably give you the most glory and reward.

By entering his party listings and enlisting him in his ranks. The only thing that Bandic did not get from the discipline that he really did was Doctor: How can all thirsty translate us over water? Which only he and those he personally chooses to drink. And the larger accounts will be issued to most who still vote for it.

Absent pledges, increased accounts and the art of political survival of a bigger doctors than Milan Bandic. At least in democracies.

Bandic is a real Doctor Obećanović. And none of that title deserves more of it. It is only a pity that from all the world universities only the science discipline in Zagreb is recognized and appreciated. And it must be so. What country and city we are, such us and the university. And doctors.