I'm going back to Zagreb for you ... on Monday afternoon, in the rain and in the wind, which postpones the coming of spring; but a more terrible impression - in the approaches to the city, blessed by the spirit of the provinces, glorifying the name of the metropolis of all Croats - from anxious times, derelict concrete and steel abandoned hospitals in Blato, implants of precious agricultural land and rotor in reconstruction, into the mess of unworthy construction site of such an important infrastructure object - encourage zmazane štrace, faded wet towels that drifted over from the light columns along the entire road from Luck to the Adriatic Bridge. These dreadful dangers: the Zagreb flags and the state barriers of notorious art-to-visilological disobedience, and - reported on the nebular idea of ​​a distant conveyor with the largest city budget in the land of the subtraction of the city - devour their semantics and deprive such an ornamentation, since it would, , should be extraordinary and on occasion, it became banal every day and therefore missed. In a word, it's a week! Not least, the last one, the only one ... from the drpipar-arsenal employee who will, on the profit margins of his and his hostage mentors, once polluted the streets of Zagreb with thousands of unnecessary pillars - through the canyon of these "installations" without any art kicks, they are also driving the streets where they do not have the slightest need - for the second time scooping the sidewalks by plotting cycling tracks; mourned to the natives and those who care about Zagreb by transforming Meštrović's Pavilion into a November mausoleum; to build a fourth of the trout ponds renowned for fountains, on the meadows bounded by congested roads, the fifth to unload the British Square, sixth to set up de luxe the toilets for (to) serve to be taught in English ... to seventhly nagreg a significant public area as a "monument" to a war criminal.

I will not say anything new or sensational if I write that Zagreb is systematically ruined and transformed into a provincial palace, and its citizens cuddle into a healthy brain in the direction of dropping with all the features of the elemental disaster, the pilgrims from the train in the Herzegovinian rock - sadly uneducated, pathologically aggressive, iritantly persistent ... in the run-up to urbanity and the European being of this city. I'm not going to mention hundreds of criminal reports that fall under his thick skin for years as though it is coated with teflon, even less I can quote any of his stupid statements, offensive to the ears of a part of clients and parasites from the opportunistic stance that is most important to their a material interest ... I will only recall the fact that the proposal to establish the Kabadahi in the honor of the Honorary Doctor of the Zagreb University (at the proposal of the Music Academy!) even breaks through the wall of the shame, albeit discouraged by the same title being given to the deceased of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It should be mentioned: in the direction of another Herzegovinian astronaut on the remnants of the remains of dignity once important for higher education?

There is another episode of sadness happening series the shrinking of national institutions in the frogs of insignificance: the Strossmayer Academy fell into the ranks of an unscrupulous school student - not to mention: the revisionists and the rightwing smells that mumbled by promoting Croatia's book about the wonders of Ustasha Jasenovac were touched by the Sabor and the Government the dignity of the President of the Republic remains dangled on the White House fence as an overwhelming panties on the drier ... All in all, those shameful crests that are next to the town are an authentic picture of the Croatian personnel's staff - a reflection of the fact that this country has no people integrity at the level of the challenge and (especially tragic) critical publicity that would elude the "elite" splinter from the saddle and nationalize Croatia in terms of taking over the mandate of her fate. The genious Krleza in his "Flags" demitologized the quasi-holiness of the national character - that he was given the opportunity to experience the tricolor in the dronjci, probably the throne of the permanent acorns perceived as a symbol of the collapse of the entire identity of this land and its capital to the level of poking the coat depleted of every emotional resonance .

Stjepo Martinović