When Tomislav Galović contacted me for the domain Javno.hr, I began to think about the existence of the public in our country, whether it is at all, what is it, can it be influenced by journalism? Then there was the question, and what kind of journalism is there, there are places for people of 'old school' who are the man and the facts in the first place!

Publicity is reduced to observers. Makavelistic long-term repression of the people by the authorities has completely abolished the public scene where criminals, from top to bottom slugs become players who add to each other the prey while voters observe. They look unknowingly, grumbling in their chin, discharging their dissatisfaction with hatred and powerlessness through social networks, blaming everything, from 'red' to 'black', depending on the standpoint. The public is accustomed to robbery, accustomed to "drooling on their backs and saying that rain"!

Journalism has become a participant in the game, a sort of line judge, keen and certainly economically dependent on 'owners' clubs. It calls for freedom and independence to end at the threat of a pay-list. It's human. What is not understandable is to persevere in your speech that you are independent, free, objective. Let's be realistic and admit we are not.

In addition to this, we have become ideologically exclusive, and sometimes even economic, but ideological, constituents. We are divided into teams, the league is played, the 'ours', the little 'theirs' win. In any case, it is played. But what we are talking about. How to be a sovereign in a country that has been a part of its own sovereignty following a number of international integrations, how to be a liberal when the State of Entrepreneurs of All Kinds burdens hundreds of perfumed and treats as enemies, how to be socialist in a country that is the only root of the word in the notion of social case , how to be a nationalist in a country that is part of the European Union, how to be a democrat in a society in which the right to speak and to speak on the one hand is abusive without the responsibility of a written public word, and on the other, when he speaks of cases of robbery, nepotism, corruption and the disputed affairs of political and interest groups, be sanctioned by lawsuits.

It is only possible today to be yours! Whatever it meant to someone. It means to work with people who were journalists, but today they are no longer and their writing does not depend on the honorarium. I called 'outsiders' in the sense of people who do not belong to any interest circle and respond to anyone except the wounds themselves. A respected colleague, Štefanić, journalist wrote sarcastically that he was probably the only known journalist who did not receive any prize. My biggest prize is that Đurđa, Martina, Stjepo, Jurica, Branko, Alan, Siniša, Renato, Dario, Igor and others agree to cooperate on my call. Because I have nothing else to offer but the platform to hear their voice, to try to bring some professional standards back to the public in this symbolic 'suicide' journalistic aurora, to re-affirm human and human values ​​as the basis of the journalist's story, to return shaded journalistic forms as a travel report and let's be ours, to be journalists, not the subjects. The government government is gray. 'White' is drowned in 'black', 'black' is relieved of 'white'. Everything is equal. So at least on the symbolic level, we will discern it in black and white photos. The only cartoonistic illustration of Branko Bogunović will be full of colors, because they say anything about the circus and the bugs that surround us.

Javno.hr treba javnost. Maybe the public does not need Javno.hr! One thing is certain: Javno.com will never be "miserable"!

Branko Kuzele