Dear members and members of the Senate,

we are addressing this letter, which represents a kind of supplement to the report you will receive from the expert commission for the award of honorary doctorate Milan Bandić. Our goal is to inform you more in detail about the proposal and to encourage you to read this letter after the award of honorary doctorate Milan Bandić.

Honorable doctorate of the University of Zagreb "is awarded to distinguished individuals who have contributed to the progress of the University of Zagreb, Croatian science and culture. According to the European and Croatian university tradition, the award of honorary doctorate is an exceptional event for the university, and every honorary doctor, besides honor and title, takes on the preservation of the reputation and dignity of the university. A number of postcards and posters have received this award, for example Lavoslav Ružička (1940.), Vladimir Prelog (1952.), Niels Bohr (1958.), Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (1969.), Linus Pauling (1988.) And Albert Fert (2008.). There have been some mistakes, like the recent honorary doctorate Dragan Covic, but we would like to believe that this decision would not have come to you and for you to come up with this supplementary report. In accordance with the usual practices and most of the previous experiences of the University of Zagreb, the honorary doctorate is thus awarded to people who enjoy the honor and reputation that contributed to science, culture and / or the University itself.

The report you will receive, we can assume, will contain at least the following arguments why Milan Bandic meets the above conditions - a new building of the Music Academy, a reconstruction of the French pavilion in SC, signed a co-financing agreement for the construction of pavilions for student accommodation, student scholarships general co-operation with the University as a matter of commissioning a study, expressing willingness to cooperate, etc. If more arguments are given, they will all suffer from the same shortcomings as the previous ones - they do not have any connection with Milan Bandic. Milan Bandic did not personally financially assist the University, which citizens of the city of Zagreb did through taxes and prizes. All of Milan Bandic's "contributions" are actually the natural course of the city management in Zagreb, and it seems clear to the proponent. prof. art. Dalibor Cikojević. If you read carefully his proposal, it will be clear to you that the honorary doctorate should assign the City of Zagreb, not Milan Bandic. Whatever mayor Bandic thought about it, he was not the City of Zagreb. So the thesis about Milan Bandic's contribution to science, culture and / or the University itself "falls into the water".

The report may also highlight a series of qualities and moves that Milan Bandic will want to proclaim as a honorable and honorable member of our society. Therefore, we supplement the report with a few reminders.

  • Milan Bandic is an extremely active politician, mayor of Zagreb, and party president Milan Milan 365 - Party of Labor and Solidarity, whose club has a number of MPs in the Parliament. There is really no need for the University to associate politics in this way and send a message to citizens about the importance of giving to politicians by giving them acknowledgments that they do not meet.
  • Recent political moves towards Milan Bandic in the Parliament and the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb, even though they were within the legal framework, sent messages to the public about political corruption, political trade and how the public's money spent on buying politicians votes.
  • Along with Milan Bandic, a series of affairs, suspicions and judicial processes are linked. We are just trying to name just a few - causing a traffic accident under the influence of alcohol and escape from the scene of an accident, an amendment to the General Urban Planning Plan in order to realize the Cvjetni Square of Tomislav Horvatinčić's project, the golden wc, the affair with frequent travels to Rome, the Agram affair, the waste affair, the fountain affair, the affair with the redesign of the Victims' Square of Fascism, and so on. GONG report "Our captive mistake" says that Milan Bandic has raised more than 200 criminal charges against 2014. spent half a year in custody for allegations of abuse of office and authority.
  • Milan Bandic is "the owner" and a series of inappropriate statements, such as comparing journalists with the wolves and suggesting "foul"; statements that he "everyone to" and that he would "be the best female"; how "the Nazis were not so silly" because "work is freed"; he reminded the reporter that there were "bigger balls" than his, and that "none of those who wrote badly about Milan Bandic" is no longer in the newspapers "and so on.

We have indicated the contribution of Milan Bandic to the University and Society, and that contribution is certainly not what you will write in the commission's report. Do you really want a person with this biography to be related to the University of Zagreb? With your scientific work and dignity? We appeal to you to show how the Senate still has some power and a sense of shame. Break the silence that has led to this state of affairs. At least on this level, at a symbolic level, express your opposition to the instrumentalization of all possible tools and resources of the University for particular interests and getting political points. Consider sending a message to young people, especially students, PhD students and alumni of the University. Are these values ​​and standards universally represented? Is this the autonomy at which the Rector insists?

As much as this and such Milan Bandic can enjoy honor and reputation among individuals from the University of Zagreb and fulfill their low criteria for granting honorary doctorate, we believe that by its action it destroys the belief in (local) democracy among citizens, exercises the legal state and its institutions, the prototype is a "local sheriff" and therefore does not enjoy the honor or the prestige that are a prerequisite for the award of honorary doctorate, not just the University of Zagreb, but every university he holds for himself.

Therefore, we appeal - do not award Honorary Doctor Milan Bandic.