A part of the refugees in Tovarnik, unhappy with the long wait for entering the Ilač buses, where they boarded the train, managed to break the police cordon in the afternoon and walked on the railway line by foot to Ilači.

In Tovarnik there are several thousand migrants arriving from Serbia on Wednesday morning, which the state authorities intend to convey by buses to the nearby Ilača, and then by train to Zagreb. The train from the 11 wagon, which is about a thousand people, started the embarkation of refugees in the Ilača station sometime before the 16 hours.

The mayor of Tovarnik Ruža Veselčić Šijaković said that the inhabitants are sympathetic to what migrants are experiencing, but the possibilities of accommodation and assistance in this municipality are extremely limited.

"In Tovarnik, most of all, the state of the siege. Three weeks ago, we warned the authorities that this might happen. We passed the war and our locals know well what it means to be exiled and leave their home, but our possibilities are not limitless, "she said, recalling that she lives in the Cartwright around the 1500 residents who are afraid of their own safety.

In her words, many children are afraid to go to school, and parents have the same fears.

"Many migrants do not enter the formal crossing, but in Tovarnik entering the fields, through the cornfields and the locals, they are simply not comfortable in such a situation," she warned, saying that municipal authorities and numerous volunteers from Tovarnik will continue to assist refugees.

"We understand these people and sorry for them. However, we want them to stay as small as possible in the village and to transport them as soon as possible to the reception centers. It is not a problem to help us, but as we do not see the end, people are beginning to shake, "says Tovarničanin Dubravko Blašković.