Ivica Lovrić, Provisional Head of Education for the City of Zagreb, remains a "temporary" mayor, although his mandate should end with 17 in March this year. Until that day, mayor Milan Bandic had to elect a new head of state on the basis of a public tender, but he did not do it.

Instead, his special adviser for social affairs was more willing to retain the function that Lovrić had done before and enduring while Milan Bandic did not jointly find them in criminal justice issues. As his problems prevented his function from being renewed, Bandic moved him to serve as special advisor to the mayor, and the function he could not obtain on a public bid due to legal obstacles was temporary. For six months.

And every six months as long as the temporary appointment can last Bandic brings a new "temporary" solution for which Lovric is temporarily appointed for the position of the person holding the postponement until the announcement of a public call for tenders and the appointment of a new head of staff, but not later than six months after the decision is made.

However, Bandic does not want to announce it or cancel it, so Lovric will extend his mandate for the next six months.

Obviously the exclusion of laws and regulations. But, in accordance with the same unclear laws and regulations. Bandic, which has been proven many times, did indeed have a doctorate.

And so the hands of Bandic and Lovric remain the educational future and the present of Zagreb children. In their example, they learn that there are no laws that can not be tricked into this country.