It was a strong winter .... there are ten, maybe nine. You know those moments when it's winter.When we are through the media in love with the love of our senses..and by that we feel that way ... in this phase of recognizing feelings we have the original love every day and those with love and attention only when it's time for love and attention ... to talk about it ... at the stage that separates it.

And so I'm home. The woman reads Gloria, and I cook. It's warm. Sunday. Someone rings in the door. Loading. In front of the girl's door, maybe 7 years, prose! Pray if I have anything to eat. I think right away, what that is my baby. In the instant, the world was gone. I was shocked, I took some food from the kitchen, from the fridge, put some bread and one fruit. I give this child who is grateful.

After that modeling on that day of the next 5 years every winter of the week between Christmas and New Year, from midnight seven to 6 in the evening on the meadow in front of Mamutica I called Livad Dobrote, I stand together with my friends, minded and thankful to hundreds of people who selflessly carry what I can, and then I'll take it to Kosnica at the Homeless Home of the City of Zagreb. And I'm not alone.

After my first release on Fejs to do it, I got great support and a few queries to participate from morning to night. Radio Sljeme and Mrs. Sonja Šarunić spent days pumping ethereal information when and how. I did not know the present son of my child; I met him in the morning before the first humanitarian. Marko Deša.

The man in the 7 side drew on the meadow. We got big nylon and waited. We figured out the first. The social sensitivity of the Athlete. The discipline and the workman. My vision of the child's head was that I do not need a character who has the steam, but the one who is skimmed at the same table as me, who will do the same as I do, because it is the same force of compassion for 'humiliated and offended.'

And then, in 7, people started coming in the morning. We were collecting clothes, shoes, dry food, canned, sesame, flour, pasta, rice ...

It's hard to remember what it was all about in bags, but big nylon stuffed more and more ... because ... The Force was with us ...

The rivers of Medvešćak, Dubrava, Trešnjevka and other settlements fled to Travno. My friends who had children then carried them with them to have a small task to help someone they needed, and actually to realize that it was necessary to help the weaker ones. The kids are great in those moments, so they look a little bit sluggish at everybody's home.

Dear neighbors, they bring us boiled wine, cakes. We are attracted to such an extent that at one moment there are about a hundred people in the meadow who are communicating on the subject they came to and I'm glad because there is more ... and more ... and if we move the kids that man is not a wolf ... he will be even more .

And so 5 times ... ..and in 5 times we assembled 10,5 tons of goods and 7, almost 8 tons of food.

It is difficult, but it is possible to recognize the apple, which falls far from the tree as the storm blows. And I will write about it on because a man can not be a wolf man!

Renato Đošić