The birth of a child represents immense happiness and joy. But there are babies born of anguish, fear and fear.

The birth of my son Philip has just caused those feelings in me when they told me that our child probably had some inborn disorder. But from the very first moment of that knowledge my thoughts were whatever it is, HE is my child. When I first took her in her arms and put her small and weak fingers on my index finger, I was overwhelmed by this little, helpless creature, but the sadness, strain and fear remained.

I accepted it as God's sign. In our lives something needs to be changed and God has sent me a son who needs to be taught us. But sadness, fear and fear were still present. And love.

One day, the wife came up with a story about a couple who were expecting a baby, and certain signs on the ultrasound showed that their child would be mongoloid, as they said. Their doctor sent them to my wife for advice. But we could not say keep your baby or do abortion. We did not dare give such a great advice with which this family changes life. They saw our Philip and felt the love he provided us. Strengh and fear were still present in my heart. My baby needed surgery on my heart so she could continue to live. And the obstacles were great, because my child would never make money. Why then should the system invest in an unproductive member of society that will always be in charge of society? - were thinking of some people. Then God was involved, and with the help of immensely good men my Philip still lives today. Tango, fear and fear I still carried in my heart.

These feelings broke me one day and I became a patient getting therapies so she could walk around the world with no screams, quarrels or bitterness. These therapies were just that. I was no longer a person. I walked around the world of the killed emotions. One day I realized that she was not going to go anymore. I threw all those pills. At first it was difficult, because it was difficult to control the anger that arose from sorrow, sorrow, and fear.

I started to live day by day. Thanks to God every morning that I was raised and thanks to God on every night I was tempted. But the right healing followed when I realized that my child was the blessing of God. Toug, fear and fear replaced her luck. Happiness God has chosen for me and has given me such a great blessing. After that my problems with anger and depression became less and less so that today they were almost unimaginable.

But today I know how to answer a couple who would come to us for advice to keep the baby or kill him in the womb.

If our children are God's blessing to abort the child, it would be as if Mary aborted Jesus.

Every life is a gift, and our children are a special gift, and joy, and joy is the fruit of love. If everyone loved as our children love, they would be an oasis of hope, peace, joy, and love. Therefore, if you know that you will have such a child, let us rejoice together because we are beloved of God, and we love to make people more people, loving them and serving them. So we will feel like God's chosen ones.

Siniša Bosanac