Tin Srbić won the first place of high 14.400 points at the Gymnastics World Cup in Doha. This is his fifth gold medal of the World Cup, the second from Dohe.

In the final performance he entered as the best rated runner up to confirm this with the best rated exercise. The second place was taken by Japanese Hidetoki Miyachi. Randy Leru, Cubanac, was the third. The strength of the competition in which Tin Srbić won the victory is clearly stated by the fact that the current world champion, the Dutchman Epke Zonderland, was seventh.

About Tin Srbić's performance in the final, he said: "The hardest hit in the career so far! I do not know why, but it was so. I went last and I knew that if I did everything right, first. I did not move toward the plan, I could not link the combination I wanted, so I had to change it in the middle of the exercise. I managed to do the rest to the end, and that's the best at that moment. I'm really happy that I've managed and I can only say that the fight for Tokyo is just starting. "

Filip Ude, unfortunately did not dive on a horse with grips at the level that brought him the title of the world's "European and Olympic awards. "Two times I fell on the same element and it was just bad. It's just a pure technical error, but what it is is there. I hope to get to the European Championship for three weeks to get it done and it will be fine, "said Philip Ude. His performance was rated by 11.663bodova, which brought him eighth place.

The following performance of our gymnasts is at the European Championship by 10. April starts in Poland Szczecin.

Branko Kuzele