Dear Mayor,

it is my opinion that you are completely crazy. Do not be offended by this expression, I do not intend to insult you. For kids, when they do some stupidity, their parents say, "You're completely crazy about doing that."

It's about "City in the City", you yourself today (14.3.2019.) On TV said we would no longer call it Manhattan. You are not sufficiently educated to make such a decision, and your associates do not dare to contradict you. Zagreb was formed 1000 years, and Dubai and all of these Emiats have evolved into 60 years. So who would be from whom to study, Zagreb from Dubai or Dubai from Zagreb? History is the teacher of life, and the tradition and continuity of development of quality assurance and beauty of life.

There is no reason why Zagreb develops at Dubai. We have to develop slowly, according to our capabilities and our way. That our densities, which are obviously planned in cooperation with foreign investors, should be built in "City of Town" space, this would have long been established by our planners. It is not a GUP as a plan of a mindless document that everyone can change when he wants and how he wants. The city of Zagreb has its balance, its central axis and its wings, to the east and west. This was how development proceeded, approximately proportionally on both sides. The main task of developing Zagreb is the continuation of this ravagement, more specifically filling the locations in the area of ​​the city that were left over and overlooked. Just think of Gredelj's space, Zagreb's slaughterhouse, peripheries around the Croatian Radio-Television building, Paromlina, the hospital in Blato and many others. First, it needs to be repaired and brought about by purpose. The major mistake was the unplanned development and construction of the Radnička cesta. In the wrong place, what was supposed to be in Zagreb's axis, Većeslav Holjevac Avenue, was built. Then they would have a real entrance to the city from the south, worthy of Zagreb. Jelkovec is also one of the unfortunate wrongful decisions. This is a construction on the meadow, instead of all these buildings being properly distributed in the area of ​​built Zagreb, from Spain to Dupca. There are so many places in this area that it was unnecessary to go so far.

If you are so confident in your vision, why not organize several forums throughout the city so that residents can get acquainted with the City idea in town, get the necessary explanations and give their opinions. If everything is so clean and fair, do you fear something when you did not share that idea with the citizens, but only "von oben" and laconically gave a brief statement of what you are planning on. Once again, I would remind you that your associates do not dare to express their opinion because the cowards are well-off.

I suggest, in your personal name, that your service prepares materials for "Town in the City" for a month, which could be displayed on various stands and gatherings of citizens. So maybe a referendum on this very important question. You will go, as you say, to begin but not to wait for the end of this vision (and even less because I'm much older than you) and believe me to be happier if your vision is supported by most citizens of Zagreb. Then make sure that you are right, that the citizens you love so well support and that God can invite you to yourself, as you say.

With respect

Boško Budisavljević, architect and urbanist