Mayor Milan Bandić has signed a contract on behalf of the City of Zagreb with the Euro Gastro festival on co-operation on the organization of the Zagreb fashion destination 2019, to be held in 8. and 9. April.

To co-operate on a two-day fashion event organized by one of the companies of Tončija Šundova, owner of the local Split TV channel Kanal 5, from the city budget will be allocated 150 thousand kuna.

-Zagreb Fashion Destination in its first edition has shown itself as a very successful economic and media project that has presented Croatian textile production, a home-made product of entrepreneurs and craftsmen, young fashion designers from Zagreb and throughout Croatia and partly from the region. And this time entrepreneurs and craftsmen will have the opportunity to showcase their latest products and fashion collections that represent or affect fashion trends in the current and upcoming seasons - says Bandić's explanation.

The versatile Tonči Šund festival of similar names is also organized in Split called Split fashion destination. But in his town, the project was supported by the Split Tourist Board with a lot less money than they got in the capital. In the south, the fashion magazine was rewarded with only 20 thousand.

The director and manager of local Split television in tourism and the organization of various events was involved only a few years ago, but his first project caused a lot of controversy and disputes with Split's city administration. Namely, he is the urban space assigned to his television and a few other companies where he was the sole owner and director of a hostel for himself (or one of the newly established companies), and he was hosteled by him even though he did not have a permit. That is why he entered a dispute with the city administration that was sent to him by inspectors, but only after they reported the local media there and after the end of the tourist season in which his hostel worked.

Shundov replied that he would not "Mayor decide what he will do"

And the mayor who likes everybody to determine what he will do at Šundo's guest when he unsuccessfully compete for the "mayor of Croatia".