Tamás Fantazama

Nobody, like former sports journalist Milojko Pantić, does not break the Serbian partytocratic caste, the morbid dernek directed by the cousin's adorable apprentice suitably and markedly derived from the minuscule: would it be said - there are places with benign pistols - what were the wolves of bloody years? In reference to the puppet's indicative silence on a life-long prison sentence for the war criminal of bloody names, Pantić - to make sure the footage is available on youtube - stepped out of where he was only denying some of the liberal liberal intellectuals in Belgrade, resentful of the hysterical opponents by a memorandum announcement of the wars SFRY: publicly proclaimed the organic association between the criminal-great-Serbian politics in the performance of the macabrisian ensemble milosevic-karadzic-šešelj-mladić ... (from) carried out by the bloody campaign of Croatian, Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina soil, on the one hand, and the terror over the remaining Serbian population. As the war instrumentalization of the JNA deployed and the emancipation of the Chetnik bandits launched by Gazimestan and the "yogurt revolution" ignited the battlefields throughout the bloated state, so the crimes earned by the "Serbia to the last Serbian grave" were overturned into the social, political and spiritual reality of the country incapable of computing evil in the pursuit and lies, amorality and hypocrisy in the essence of the national being. Milojko Pantić smacks with a critical scalpel in this diseased tissue without fear and grace, not failing to miss even the Serbian so-called. an invasion, splintered by two-faced opportunists and blasphemers, who parachutically perceive the margin of spontaneous civil protests under the auspices of "1 of 5 millions". The libel of any illusion that a change can come to a wave movement that shows the classic signs of fatigue and loss of blade due to longevity, with pathetic mercy as the only offense, Milojko Pantić makes significant work for observers "west of Lipovac": he warns that a partisanship, having a usurped state - from the police and the budget to electoral laws and corrupt media - can only tremble at the messages of hundreds of thousands of walkers in Belgrade streets, he testifies (as we are well known) that totalitarian regimes created on the ruins of the former federation and self-managing socialism can not collapse from the streets neither on it.

And now: about parallelisms. It is not without a pity that Serbian Serbian-nationalist project (symbolically crowned by the rejuvenation of the Equinox ruler and the silence of the verdict on his most prominent follower) made and carried out mostly "pre-Christian" cadres: Serbian ultra-witchists - from conceptual perianths and thighs to retrieved mantaks - born in Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Radicalism is legally dispersed in enclaves, extremists are the children of "diaspora", worthy of the missed minority communities with the unknowingly understood mission of Piemonte. Would not the guilty mythoman, that he did not live in the diocesan diaspora embodied in his ministry of defense, remained a stingy Zagreb pencil with a blanket on an old-fashioned old knee while at the grandstand of the Maksimir stadium imagined filling in the "Croatian pear"? If someone from Milojko Pantić was proclaimed, could he have neglected the fact that the "Croatia we have" failed in the Ustasha-Ustaški project from the moment when the legitimate defense of the memorandum separation on the line of Karlobag-Virovitica was polluted by the "Homeland War"? "Ethnic cleansing" of citizens of Serb ethnic-cultural affiliation? Though far from the end: the posthumous cemetery of Siamese is the twin of the Ustasha hijacked by the cleronationalist mythology of the basilica in Palmotić to Bleiburg ... all under the patronage of "democratically elected state authorities".

That is why Belgrade's events are relevant to us, regardless of EU and NATO membership, because the general international position of any country is nothing other than a projection of the aggregate state on the internal political plan. As an illustration, I will mention the pedagogical plumage in Zagreb, removed from the direction of the Korinthic ecclesiastical authority, which the kleptocratic kits on Markov Square and Kaptol (symptomatically!) Do not want or are able to understand correctly, which means that Croatian sovereignty, subjectivity and identity are clutched with the same kantar which centers can measure Serbian in the context of Kosovo! It is a question of frustration, ladies and gentlemen, to an educational level devoted to the poor dummies, and to the puberty of the immersed incense of their phantasms.

Stjepo Martinović