Stjepo Martinović

novel, 430 p. - publisher: Studio moderna, Zagreb 2018.

Under the intriguing, multi-associative title, a long-time journalist from the former Vjesnik house, who has traveled to a fertile and persistent writer, writes a novel that - consistently consistent style and thematic range - explores the destinies of contemporaries thrown into states and circumstances well-known by "contributions to the professional biography ". Just as in the news reporter, two retired investigators meet, 20 years after the break-up in no-friendly circumstances; Both widows and children displaced around the world are reminded of unresolved cases, including the long-term disappearance of the Zagreb brucoš Valentina Liščević, a party of the party-economic power of the eighties, a participant of the HDZ founding party and members of the party-tycoon chamber of the nineties. Radovan Tolić and Nikola Dragović have raised their debts and obligations, noting that the disappearance of the family sonnenschein was not a banal abduction for blackmail, and that some of the roles in a long-anticipated case were attorney Slavko Rendić and private detective Vladimir Metzger Teflon, with broken links in Croatian and regional underground. Tolic and Dragovic extract information from the police circles, the latter activates a friendly relationship with Milos Djurkovic, with whom he once worked in the Federal SUP ... knows that top cybercriminals in Belgrade are active, including two Zagrepčani and one Sarajka, nicknamed Frikuša.

On the second level, a sort of novel-in-novel, is the long love story of Nikola Dragović and the Chancellor's doctor, Marta Magdalenić, at the expense of his career as a tourist guide and summer seducer. Dragović accidentally finds out about her death - and that her 27-year-old daughter, Sanja ..., is a common child she first learned about when she came to Martin burial. Love story Marte and Nikola krcata is a peculiar drama, saturated with emotions, fierce eroticism and unexpected turns. Of these, they are the stories that make up the question: what would - radically different? - he was the main character of the protagonist, that he did not move in the direction he was.

This novel is written in film, with a shrewd shift of characters and characterization of characters, fiery dialogs, and mixing fiction and documentary: many real events, names and so on are mentioned to keep the dynamics of an interesting reader and suspense that keeps the story alive to the unexpected end . Stjepo Martinovic Frankenstein's brothers stepped up in two genres at the same time: a full-fledged police story about cybercrime - he wrote many elements based on actual events and introduced into his fictitious story of fierce dying of documentary and love scenes whose actors are hungry with strong emotions scared of what they started in them. This line in the novel is not a mere addition designed to humor Dragović's character, tempered by police experience and hardships in hardship at the end of the eighties and early nineties, but functions as an equal part of the mosaic stage where a key figure of the protagonist takes place.

The special value of the eighteenth row of Martinović's prose title in his stylistic resemblance, skillful event management, impeccable plot outlines and solid causality of every scene and event, making reading this novel into a vibratory rhythm experience and impressive persuasiveness.