The Cultural Information Center (KIC) launches the Film XX - Women's Film Narrative program, which will consist of several thematic cycles, focusing on representative directors who are still rare in the patriarchal and falococentric world of the film.

The first release will be held by 5. to 7. April 2019. and is dedicated to the feminist video-collective Les Insoumuses which are 1975. In France, director Carole Roussopoulos, actress Delphine Seyrig and translator Ioana Wieder were founded in France.

After the World Premiere at the Berlinale Forum in CIC, on Friday, 5. April in the 19 Hour to hold the Croatian premiere of documentary film Delphine and Carole (2019) Callisto Mc Nulty attending a meeting between mythical French actress Delphine Seyrig and French-Swiss video pioneer Carole Roussopoulos. As part of the program we will also present several representative video-collective works Les Insoumuses focused on the representation of women in the media and their work and reproductive rights - Maso and Miso go for sailing i SCUM manifest (1976.); Be nice and silent! (1981.). The program is a young French director and writer, Callisto Mc Nulty, and his granddaughter, Carole Roussopoulos.

After she has been fired in Vogue magazine, Carole Roussopoulos is inspired by Jean Genet 1969. bought another Sony Portapak camcorder that was sold in France (Godard allegedly bought the first one). When she met Delphine 1974. in Paris, had been politically engaged, documenting various protests and battles with his camera, such as the FHAR or the Black Panthers. Year 1970. also founded the first militant video-collective in France video Out.

Delphine Seyrig at that time was the star of the film Stolen kisses (1968.) Françoise Truffauta, Wicked skin (1970.) Jacquesa Demyja, India Song (1975.) Marguerite Duras i Jeanne Dielman (1975.) Chantal Akerman. Her ambivalence in acting - stemming from understanding the field of power of directors and producers and imposing stereotypical gender roles - led her to a studio where Carola held video workshops for a group of women. Delphine here reveals the subversive potential of video as a creative and emancipatory tool, a new non-history media that women could use unshaken by common financial and institutional barriers, and socio-family pressures.

Through the portrait of these two fearless associates and their subversive, militant use of video and film Delphine and Carole it also carefully notes the period of "vicious" feminism 1970 or fairynism as he calls it Mc Nulty, which characterizes a coherent, sarcastic humor as a weapon for destroying patriarchy, playful radicalism and creative energy. Combining historical, political, and personal authorships also comes to dialogue with his father, Carole Roussopoulos, and continues her last, unfinished project initiated shortly before her death in 2009. he was planning to record an archive documentary about his friend and a feminist "companion" Delphine Seyrig. In the notes left by Carole, she explains how she wanted to pay tribute to this "rebellious music" (Les Insoumuses - Neologism combines the words "muse" and "rebellious, disobedient") whose feminist engagement and acting achievements should be revalued. Delphine and Carole Follow this vision by combining archive footage - photographs, clips from their movies and video clips, as well as existing interviews with rapporteurs such as Simone de Beauvoir, Kate Millett, Marguerite Duras and Chantal Akerman.

Following the program on Saturday and Sunday, 6. and 7. April with the beginning of the 19 lessons with the introduction of Callisto Mc Nulty we will watch several representative video-collective works Les Insoumuses. In Buddha beautiful and silent! (1981.) Through a series of interviews with celebrity actresses - among others, Juliet Berto, Ellen Burstyn, Jane Fonda, Mary Schneider, Anne Wiazemsky, Shirley MacLaine, and Warhol's Daughter - Seyrig present a nauseating study of women's work in an industry primarily dedicated to maintaining male machinery fantasy.

Maso and Miso go for sailing (1976.) Ironically decrypts the interview that the then state secretary for women issues Françoise Giroud gave on national television answering questions of his exclusively male counterparts. The conclusion is, "No television picture can represent us, with the help of the video we will only tell our own stories." In the same block we will watch a short video SCUM manifest (1976.), A reading of the seminal text of radical feminist Valerie Solanas.

French philosopher and feminist Helene Cixous in her cult essay Laughter of the jellyfish from 1971. she urged women to have an urgent call to write and return to writing from which they were exiled as violently as their bodies. A woman's letter found her way to the media of the film. Although women were always the primary object in front of the camera, and not the subject behind it, this slowly begins to change. Taking the camcorder into the hands was certainly a rebellious and emancipatory act that helped on that path. Video-journalist Anne-Marie Duguet reminds us that 1970's video was a new and open media that had not yet been appropriated by men and was not taught in art schools and academies. In those years in France, a whole series of video-collective led by women are abandoned, of which they are Les Insoumuses most famous Vidéo Out (1970) 00 video (1971.), Les Cents Fleurs (1973.) I video (1974., Which are distinguished by the fact that they did not receive men in the collective).

The program is realized in collaboration with the Subversive Festival and Le Center Audiovisual Simone de Beauvoir in Paris, and the film curator is Dina Pokrajac.


Friday, 5. 4.

19: 00 h

Delphine and Carole / Delphine et Carole, insoumuses, 2019, r. Callisto Mc Nulty, France, 70 min

talk with director Callisto Mc Nulty

The subtitles are in the Croatian language and the conversation in English.

Saturday, 6. 4.

19: 00 h

Introduction: Callisto Mc Nulty

Be nice and silent! / Sois belle et tais toi !, 1981, r. Delphine Seyrig, France, 110 min

The subtitles are in English.

Sunday, 7. 4.

19: 00 h

Introduction: Callisto Mc Nulty

Maso and Miso go for sailing / Maso et Miso vont en bateau, 1976, Carole Roussopoulos, Delphine Seyrig, Iona Wieder, Nadja Ringart, France, 55 min

SCUM Poster / SCUM manifest, 1976, Carole Roussopoulos & Delphine Seyrig, France, 26 min

The subtitles for both films are in Croatian.

The entrance to all projections is free.