Sofra has long been synonymous with Bosnian cuisine in Zagreb, and dishes on a spoon such as Bosanski pot or Bice's wort have been imposed on journalists Renati Cisar i Mustafi Topčagić as a choice for their second evening of the eno-gastro project Sparkling wine.

Sophisticated restaurants were strategically deployed on the outskirts of the city - the first one was opened in Borovo, the last in Vrbani, and the second one opened its doors at the Green Gold Center at a time while the business building on Radnicka cesta had not yet been filled with gray-blue suits and business high heel kits. Nevertheless, we never had a hard time getting to any of the locations, so we humbly accepted an invitation to the Zagreb Financial District to squeeze seven local wines and traditional dishes from the neighboring state of us who presented who else would come Domagoj Jakopović Ribafish with the help of the restaurant manager Selmir Bešić.

The journalist duo with the beginning of the text - Renata and Mustafa - and this time trying to show that at these dinners with the wine from the kitchen do not have to go out of the no-know-how-expensive foods in culinary performances that sometimes not surrealists would not mind! The seemingly simple dishes of Bosnian cuisine, mild and yet of special flavors, where almost half of Europe's gastronomy is interwoven, pose a special challenge to the wines of continental Croatia, and in Sofia the challengers have done their job very successfully.

Still screaming ground beef they welcomed us at the very entrance to the sparkling Poy Plešivička Mladina. And how much are the whims of the true Bosnian finger food - stuffed naturally with meat - called on a glass of bubbles, for quite another reason I decided to combine with Istrian Teraninom. Compare a Poya label to that of Tomac's sparkling wine and you will be clear ... which only confirms, at least in my case, that with wine I memorize and associate some event, people, atmosphere or an association as in this example. Lucky, liqueur liqueur Aure in which the pottery is enhanced with a little bit of ugly goodness with the coma with a lot of spices (there are also cinnamon, cloves, anise, cherry, vanilla, and fennel) proved to be a good choice with a chef from Sofrine cuisine.

The creamy soup with the aphrodisiac properties begun before the visit of the harem (small joke, it did not take them!) Opened part of the dinner where, as announced, on the menu was a spoonful. Bey je soup the queen of Bosnian pottery: a thick creamy vegetable soup soup, among which the bohemian cooked with chicken meat is especially prominent, is a rousing traditional Bosnian appetizer. With this, quite intense chicken is served Trdenić's Scratch Private Collection from 2017, with a gentle aroma but with a distinct odor and taste, a light body and no high alcohols. If you are given the opportunity to try this combination - do not miss it!

Begova čorba i Trdenić Šklet Private Collection 2017.

Bosnian ravioli (this time stuffed with minced beef, although me in the nicest memory remained lamb filled in cream sauce and garlic at Kiba in Oak trees above Sarajevo) they continued along with Chardonnay Jakovac 2017. from the Erdut vineyard. Unlike Italian specialties, Chat (called them and the cullet) are cut and fused differently in triangles, and the very delicious homemade pastry is softer and is really mottled in the mouth, and it is not pungent. Playing for sure, we chopped with Chardonnay wine-makers Brothers Ozren and Ognjena Jakovac - a wine of honey notes, balanced acids and fruity aromas that responds to a variety of dishes.

Klepe (photo: Julio Frangen)

Smells and fresh half flakes Rhine Riesling from the basement Sirovica harvest 2017. s Plešivice sits with japrak, a slightly gourmet Herzegovinian specialty that I recommend to anyone with gastric acid problems. Small, delicious berries wrapped in rays of leaves were my real discoveries a few years ago when I replaced the leaves of vine leaves, but the digestive tract continued to run to the least amount of sour.

Japrak (photo: Julio Frangen)

Our neighbors, witty and pragmatic people have designed in the Middle Ages a dish that allows you to get rid of the refrigerator and pantry stock and make the meal a real spectacle of perfectly tasted flavors and colorful pots in pots and onions thanks to the use of a variety of seasonal vegetables. Due to the richness of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins Bosanski su pot primarily as physical workers like miners, but so much that he lived with other variations on the subject in other parts of the region, so for example in Dalmatia they know it as a complex of vegetables. The ingredients are cooked for a long time on light fire, so the meat is soft and the vegetables retain their structure, taste and smell. With such an attack on all the senses, it is best to choose wine with more complex aromatic structures and rich body: Jakovac Cuvée black 2013, merlot (70%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (30%) were well placed for the second round in the cup. Convenient and full body with a characteristic bouquet fresh berry fruit and long aftertaste full of harmonized tannins are well joined to pieces of junetine, lamb and all kinds of vegetables.

Bosnian pot + Jakovac Cuvée black (photo: Julio Frangen)

I already thought about the announced tufahi for the end when she came to the table Carica bamija, in Sofr's version with soft carrots, carrots and rice. Honestly, they felt a bit drowsy and I have the impression that I have missed another Bosnian dish in which okra (plant from the family of the hunt) in the main role. Frankovka 2017 was also in the same style. Moslavina winery Florijanović, who remained in a good memory of one of the wine gatherings. There is no other, than in Sophia for supplementary classes!

Frankovska Florijanović and Carica bamija (photo: Julio Frangen)

Before the caloric bomb in the form of the aforementioned tufahija - boiled apples filled with ground nuts with a little creamy cream were assembled to change their impressions and decided for the best combination - most decided for a Bosnian pot with a black cuvée, while I best fell Bred's chicken with a dumbbell. Anyway, in these seven sequences, everyone could find something that suits him. With the tufah we rode the cheerleader Radosh, vintage 2016. an experienced enologist, Mladen Papka, who was imprisoned in private waters five years ago ... or, better to say, vineyards!

The whimsical label on which the pork stew that squeezed from the sleeve of a suit holding a glass of wine rounded up a cheerful companionship, which ended as well as: the coffee potjerušom (Franck Jubilarna Sensual), traditionally served in jewels and ivories ...