The most controversial video game competition in Croatia that takes place at 40 meters above ground will be held on Saturday 13. April in Jarun. The competition lasts from 11: 00 to 19: 00 hours, and competitors will climb at the entrance to Jarun from the street of the Croatian Falcon to the level of the Eighth Floor with the help of a crane and a specially designed table with 22 seats.

Gaming in the Sky organizes Lvl8 for the launch of a new product aimed at gaming audiences from Croatia and most neighboring countries that understand us in a language that is intended to help gamers reach a higher level, whether they are gamers who want to stream, e-athletes or the organizers of the competition and gaming conventions.

Gaming in the sky, their first event, is officially launching Lvl8. the media they want, as they say in their announcement, to show the intention to make gaming more attractive but never.

At the event, a gaming competition will take place in PUBG, one of the most popular video games of today, the battle royale genre, from which only one winner emerges. The 18 participant will participate in the game, and in the first launch will be 18 of famous gamers from Croatia and Serbia, who will then join the audience including Mudja, Bassi, Mr. Paklara, Archer7, Malaysian Tapir, SerbianGamersBL, Crni and Laura, Fico , Shzzor, Magic Leon and others.

In the second match will be the 18 happy winning winners of the competition that take place at Lvl8. YouTube channel awaiting rewards and gift packages.