The flagship moves from our adult to our children. Our Mayor Milan Bandic already 15 years of us, adults, every so many presents the same projects and repeats the same promises. Some would say, recycles them better than bioblood. But this time Milan Bandic decided to apply the same practice to our children.

Namely, at a press conference 8. April 2019. the mayor announced an "Educational-Entertainment Program for Children and Parents, which will present new animal waste separation tanks to be set up in kindergartens".

Tomorrow tomorrow will be held a great educational event in Zrinjevac aimed at educating Zagreb children and encouraging the separation of different types of waste. In any case, praise a valuable action within the framework of the Educational-Information Activities on Sustainable Waste Management of the City of Zagreb for the period of 2018. to 2021.

It would all be okay that the action with identical containers was not organized five years ago, 27. January 2014. years. The goal was the same, and it looks like the same containers! It is possible that Bandic leads him to repeat the mother of learning. But, based on our experience, it is more likely that he is our mayor. After the 15 years of "haircut" of adults, she decided to start "scenes" and our children by introducing "new containers" that she has already introduced five years ago!

And the questions I ask myself: 2014. 400 was supposed to be set up in the 1671 facility for the year. In the total 122 kindergarten and 131 elementary school in the City of Zagreb, it was promised to arrive by April 2014. hundreds of containers worth a million and a half kuna. Has it been realized? Did the funds be used? If yes, why tomorrow again are the identical bins as new !? Has anyone ever seen pots that have been in kindergartens and schools for five years? How much will it cost new / old waste containers? Who is the supplier? Does this raise for the EU parliament an awareness of the need for waste sorting with Milan Bandic and his team?