Prime Minister Andrej Plenković and Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic signed a framework agreement on cooperation on the preparation of the project "Construction of a National Children's Hospital" on Monday, which is the first step in realizing the construction of this hospital in Blato in Zagreb.
The value of this Strategic Government project is 42,3 million, of which 85 percent is funded by the European Regional Development Fund. The rest of the funds will be secured from the state budget and the Zagreb budget.

It will unify the capacities of the Clinic for Pediatric Diseases and parts of other Zagreb hospitals

In cooperation with the City of Zagreb, the Ministry of Health has started producing technical and project documentation, which is a prerequisite for the project for the construction of a national children's hospital for co-financing from European funds in the next programming period.
The new pediatric hospital should combine the existing capacities of the Zagreb Pediatrics Clinic and pediatric capacities of other Zagreb hospitals and ensure the implementation of health care in the field of gynecology and obstetrics.
After signing the agreement at the National and University Library, Plenkovic emphasized that it is a strategic government project that wants to provide the best care to the youngest patients.
"The question of health is really a project for generations. We all know what our health system is today, what are their costs, and how important it is to be accessible and viable. If the health services provided to our citizens are at the highest level, with special care for the youngest, pregnant women, maternity and maternity care, it must be at the highest priority, "the prime minister said.

Children's Hospital is the first stage of a new national university hospital

"The government will do its utmost to go to this project. It will take a little longer than our first term, but we will do everything to make the project realistic because we think it is necessary and useful, "said Plenković.
Preparing for the agreement lasted 2,5 years through the work of the commissions established by the Ministry of Health and the City of Zagreb, and its implementation will last for the next year, to make everything necessary for applying for EU funds for the next financial period of 2020.
Health Minister Milan Kujundžić announced that the National Pediatric Hospital will be the first phase of the construction of a new national university hospital and will enable all forms of childcare in one place.
He recalled that the idea of ​​building a national university hospital was reported before the 40 years when Zagrepčani attracted self-help for its construction at Blato, but the project was stopped for war and never resumed.
"It can not wait any longer," Kujundzic said, adding that the government decided to start a pediatric hospital in partnership with Zagreb as the first phase of a future national university hospital at the same location.

The accessibility of the building in Zagreb

"Health protection of children in Zagreb, primarily because of the shortage and the backwardness of the building, requires urgent changes, the creation of centers of excellence and their functional connection," Kujundzic said and recalled that the existing Zagreb hospitals buildings were built more than 100 years ago.
Hospitals are on multiple locations, which is why we have dispersion of personnel and equipment with numerous access barriers and no parking space, he added.
"The new hospital will enable us to have a concentrated professional elite in one place, high-quality equipment, all forms of treatment and the highest level of service," Kujundzic said.
A feasibility study will show whether a new hospital will be able to use an existing building in Blato or will have to build it again, the health minister says.
The static building is fine, but the question is whether it is functional and substantively adapted to what was built more than 40 years ago, he added.

Separated by self-proclaimed individuals, 314 million marks

Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandić noted that the National 2017 Children's Hospital. year included in the Zagreb Development Strategy.
He recalled that the 80s of Zagreb in the last century had separated the 314 million marks in two self-procurements.
"The citizens of Zagreb have set aside and we should not let them down, we have to continue with this as we started to do it for the benefit of the City of Zagreb and this country," Bandic said.
Goran Roic, director of the Zagreb Children's Disease Clinic, who would one day move to a new children's hospital, said he would get a far larger space than the current one in the new building and solve the parking problem.
Today, the clinic is hospitalizing more than a year with 12.000 children, performing over one million procedures and 250.000 specialist examinations, curing children from across Croatia.
"Moving would allow us to expand medical activities and accommodate parents and children at a more appropriate level than today," says Roic.