DA new visual waste basket is presented today at a press conference at the Ribnjak Park, which was built with new shopping carts.

Zagreb mayor Milan Bandić said that a total of 15 500 new cartridges were secured, including 14 000 Pure Waste Disposal, 500 Wallcards and 1 000 Carts for Animal Fecal Treatment, and for the entire project, a total of 35 million was secured. Although the framework agreement stipulates a four-year term, I am convinced that all carts will be able to be installed for three years. At the competition we were asked to design carts that will unite three things: to be functional, aesthetically attractive and to fit in the ambience. By doing this we are building our city, making it more beautiful, clean and neat, added the Mayor.

Our plan is to replace all the shopping carts in the city of Zagreb with more modern, more user-friendly, citizens and guests of the City of Zagreb, while being practical and maintenance for our employees, he stressed head of branch Zrinjevac Igor Toljan saying that it is about the project of the Zagreb Holding, with the support of the City of Zagreb.

Jure Leko Branch Manager of Cleanliness explained that the existing carts are changing with new visuals that include self-contained small waste bin with an ashtray and a concrete base of 35l and 55l, a 35l 35l volume wicker basket and XNUMXl concrete mortar baskets. Yesterday we started with the replacement, and for four years we will replace all the shopping carts in Zagreb. This year, we plan to set 1980 new pieces in the area of ​​the city districts: Gornji grad - Medvescak, Donji grad and Trnje, he concluded.

Most of the basketball will be replaced by the Clean Pool as part of its regular action, while the smaller part will be set up by the Zrinjevac branch on public green areas. Replacement will be done successively from the center of the city to the peripheral parts.