The new online service of the city administration of Zagreb called e-Babies, a digital application for financial assistance for equipping a newborn child, was presented today at a press conference in the City Administration. The application process is simplified, and no claim will be required for the request.

Mayor Milan Bandić pointed out that Zagreb has recorded a positive birth rate for the second year in a row. This is the result of the systemic measures we have introduced yet with 2003. years. Then experts predict that the result of rising birth rates will be seen for 10 to 12 years and were right. People are the most important force of our country, without people there is no future, the mayor said with the appeal to other cities in Croatia, but also to the Government of the Republic of Croatia, to plot the pronatality measures undertaken by the City of Zagreb.

There is no need to invent anything because Zagreb has made a model available to everyone. Already 16 years we provide financial support for newborn infant equipment, for three years we offer assistance to parent educators, and we pay special attention to education through free textbooks for our schoolchildren. We do not mind, City of Zagreb has created a model that is easy to copysaid the mayor.

He also announced that new digital services will be presented soon including e-Invoice, e-Parents educators and e-Licenses, which will further simplify City Administration services.

Head of the Demography Office Mila Jelavic pointed out that the City of Zagreb had taken concrete steps to demographic reconstruction even when the first signs of negative growth were observed on the state level after the 2001 population census. years. The City of Zagreb immediately reacted with a series of measures that prevented the negative trend. She emphasized that she was from 2006. to 2018. approved through the 86 000 application and paid almost a billion kunas for that purpose. Annual citizens submit 6 000 requests for financial assistance for newborn baby equipment - for the first child the allowance amounts to 1 800 kuna, for the second child 3 600 kuna, and for the third and every further child 54 000 kuna.

Mayor of the Office of the Mayor Miro Laco presented the project e-Babiespointing out that in this story is the key decision of the mayor to set up the Business Process Management Service, which has enabled a more efficient planning of the City Budget and more efficient and faster provision of services to citizens. With e-Babies, The City of Zagreb has so far completely digitized the Real Time Control and Monitoring System for Budget Processes, the procedure for issuing Izvatka from a collection of purchase prices and filing applications for financing of programs and projects of associations for applications for public tenders financed from the budget of the City.

Explained that Project e-Babies enables fast and secure submission of applications completely without paper and without collecting various certificates in other institutions because the service is automatically linked to MIA databases and the Ministry of Administration. In the first phase we have modeled, designed and documented processes, then in the second phase we have aligned strategic and operational goals with business processes, and from 2017. digitization and automation of the process are realized.

Interestingly, it will be the e-Bebe Project, He said, reduce the number of activity in the application process from the former 27 to only 8, representing a reduction of 70%.

The application can be completed via a link on the City of Zagreb web pages, thus providing 24-hour accessibility to the service from any location.