To continue the co-operation on the project for the preparation and issuance of the book system entitled "Canon Corps of Croatian Literature, Cultural History, Philosophy and Science" will be paid 400 thousand kuna to the publishing company Lilliput Planet jdoo from the Zagreb budget, Milan Bandić has decided with his act.

The director and co-owner of the Lilliput planet is the well-known Croatian writer Slobodan Prosperov Novak, who in the 2015 parliamentary elections was the holder of Milan Bandic's party list in the first constituency. The list did not go through the electoral threshold, so Prosperov Novak in Sabor did not enter. Although it is 2015. The year had not been politically successful, business was more successful. With his partner Jakov Ratković he founded with the core capital of the 600 kuna publishing company which in the same year received the first subsidy from the City of Zagreb.

To prepare the publication of the Book of Split, to which Prosper Novak was also the author, Bandic paid 140 a thousand kuna from the Zagreb budget to Lilliput's planet.

The same author and publisher by decision of the same Mayor in March, 2016. 40 was paid a thousand kuna for preparing the book of the Blago Old Bokeljian writers, and eight months later Bandic with the money from the budget also orders pay and 100 copies and books for the needs of the Zagreb City Library. For the 100 book, Lilliput was paid 35 thousand kuna, or 350 kuna per copy.

This is probably not the last budget disbursement to the publisher company Slobodan Prosperov Novak because in the explanation of the last payment of 400 thousand kuna it is written that "Project preparation started in 2018. year, the realization continues through 2019. and provided through 2020., and the end is anticipated in 2021. year. "

- Complexity and comprehensiveness of this project require the implementation at stages accordingly and by financing at realistic cost statements at the end of the explanation of Mayor Milan Bandic.

Prosperov Novak has recently been in the breaks since the preparation of publishing and writing books in Otvoren, where he was strongly defending the award of honorary doctorate Milan Bandić.

( IMPORTANT NOTE: After the publication of this text, it was discovered that the same project was approved for the donation last year in the amount of 340 thousand. You can read more about this here.)