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Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing 15. and 16. May will welcome 115 of domestic, regional and overseas technology companies. The aim of the fair is to familiarize Croatian students with opportunities for employment, career development in Croatia and abroad and link them with successful companies. The opening of the 14th Student Affairs Fair will take place a day earlier, 14. May projection of documentary film The Cleaners (2018.) And in conversation with directors Hansom Blockom i Moritz Riesewieck.

Facebook also comes to Zagreb!

Croatian technology companies like INFOBIP, Rimac Automobila, NANOBIT, Photomatha i Microblinka in Zagreb will Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing to seek student talent and join them as a technological champion in the development of social networks Facebook, the world's giant in the development of operating systems microsoft, enterprise-oriented data protection Palantir and the leader in the production of semiconductor components Infineon.

Variety of companies and business deals are the focus of each Job Faira. This year, students, but also young people who are thinking about a change of career, with the exception of representatives of ICT and the automotive industry, have the opportunity to talk to banking leaders i telecommunication sector, representatives for development of mobile and web applications, representatives of the industry video games, as well as leading representatives from the area electronics i industrial automation.

Job Fair for all Croatian students!

Job offerings and practices focus on FER students and related STEM faculties, but this year, students of social-humanistic orientation can store their resume in Job Fair base and introduce themselves to companies.

Job Fair is more than a job fair. In addition to giving students the opportunity to present themselves directly to business representatives, encouraging young people to think about their future career, helping develop skills and knowledge and opening up new perspectives through lectures and workshops, she pointed out Nikolina Relić, a co-worker at the FER Career Center, co-organizer of the trade fair.

Workshops and lectures by leading experts at Job Fair

Nine representatives Croatian companies for Croatian students will hold practical workshops on technology and product development, while twenty-three experts students inspire and prepare for new business challenges through lectures to present the most successful business projects.

To increase your job prospects or practice through an Internet site Job Fair all students, but also young people looking for a job, can submit a resume. By storing your work experience, each person will receive unique emails by email QR code - business card for presentation to companies, while employers after the fair will find it easier to find the people they are QR code scan.

Visitors will at the end of the first day of the fair in a relaxed atmosphere at KSET- Have an opportunity to talk to representatives of the company. In addition to the conversation, a quiz will be held involving teams composed of employers and students.

Job Fair Job Fair organize FER, FER career center, Federation of FER students (SS FER) i University of Electrical Engineering (KSET).