Zagreb, 04.05.2017.- Mayor Milan Bandić, President of the Party of Labor and Solidarity, together with his associates, presented the collected signatures for his candidacy for the mayor and the candidate list for the City Assembly in the seat of the Election Commission in the City Administration Building. Photo Mario CUZIC / ZNA

Bandic's Milan Milady Vukovic Runjić becomes a new head of Zagreb's culture? But it will not 'sit down' at Ilica 25 because Minister Goran Marić ordered city departments for culture, education and sports to move out of a state-owned building and probably move the State Property Ministry to the location of a beautiful, but streamlined building in the very center of town . Or will it surprise us in the center of another hotel without a parking lot?

And the city offices will be moved to new locations, the Sports Office will move under the northern parade of the Maksimir Stadium, the Cultural Office could have been in Draskovic, and the eternal vice mayor Lovrić would move the Office of Education to Dežmanov, from where the Minister of State, Goran Maric.

This will make the three offices, which have functioned as one of them until recently, to live in separate locations and their division as a result of the political trade of the coalition partners in Zagreb. Recall that Milan Vuković Runjić was a candidate for taking over the bureau for culture last year, but then Ani Lederer came to the place because it was supposed to satisfy the appetites of the then coalition partner Zlatko Hasanbegović, which resulted in the maintenance of a slim majority of the Assembly and the adoption of numerous harmful decisions such as the adoption of the Waste Management Plan of the City of Zagreb and the extension of waste disposal at Jakuševac to 2029. years.

Ever since Milana appreciated Milan and vice versa?

I will not comment on Milana Vuković Runjić as a writer. But they are professional success stories that are interesting here. Why even when people like Vuković Runjić are going to support and support Milan Bandic? For years, Bandić has built social, economic and other links that at one time triggered him as a counter-intelligence for the purpose of his political career. What is the problem is that these relationships are often built and realized on the basis of using their powers and financial resources from the position of the mayor of Zagreb. Part of such examples can be followed at the multi-process hearing sessions in which Bandic is accused.

Vuković Runjić joined the party of Milan Bandic, and for several months he received the (financial) award of the City of Zagreb. Why did someone only realize the importance of her work and contribution to culture? In addition, the media also wrote that Milan Milani handed the arm of salvation and when it was found that because of his bookstore use of KIC's urban property, Vuković Runjić had made a big debt in Tesla Street without paying. Of course, Bandic's decision to postpone the deportation has been delayed and the debt has 'drowned' over time, and since then Milan has always been ready to lay hands within the political arena.

Because of the causal and consequent links between Milan and Milan, although it is huddled, Zagreb's culture will continue to profit, even though it can lead a person to succeed in the field of culture. It will not act differently from the boss's instructions, ie the one who allowed it to 'install' the headquarters. But I will be happy to apologize if it denies me and acts contrary to the host's instructions, for example, in the case of China Europe.

One day we learned that Slobodan Prosperov Novak, recently a fierce defender of degrading honorary doctorate Milan Bandić, "user" of the city budget. Is the Consequential Relationship Difficult Over The 400.000 Kuna?

Now, by appointing Vukovic Runjić as head of the party, the co-operation of the 'prominent' and Milan Bandic, the multiple Uskok defendant, and, unfortunately, is still a living example of clientelism in Croatian politics, for which his supporters and political partners in HDZ's Zagreb and Croatian politics are still aloof.

Personally, this is so much a libelous policy of the Mayor of Zagreb that to citizens and our children does not offer hope that work and education are a way of success, but convinces them to the contrary. Therefore, for any change and progress of our city, Bandic must immediately leave! And then all those who win and positions owes support or approach to him, the boss of nepotism.