Although Mayor Milan Bandic declared that he "does not deal with such trivial things as housekeeping and expensive toilets from his public relations office today, he has been trying to send a message to a media man in charge.

- As a result of the inscription in the media about the price of works on the design of a cottage as part of the reconstruction of the playground at the Square of King Petar Krešimira IV. in which non-credible information is provided, please quote the following:

The Zrinjevac branch sought a search for the City of Donji Grad City Council for the required works at that location, which is also a protected cultural heritage. After the delivery of the bill of quantities is approaching contracting and introducing into a business, which is the usual procedure. In this case, there was no introduction to the job, and works on the reconstruction of the children's playground did not even begin. However, during the preparation and review of the location, we noticed that the roof of the cabinet is running out of the way, and based on the fact that the site in question is within our scope of maintenance, we have accessed necessary repair work to prevent further devastation of the facility. Thus, works on the reconstruction of the children's playground have not begun but only interventional works on the repair of the cottage have been performed.

With works on the reconstruction of the children's playground, it will be launched after being put into business, all in accordance with the decision of the City Council of Donji Grad - said in a statement signed by Igor Toljan, President of the Holding Zrinjevac branch.

Unfortunately, the mayor and Toljana, the reality of this statement is rebelling. Jutarnji list journalist Goran Penić in his text today brings some fresher photographs of the toilet, which on the citizen's bill is overwhelmingly renewed. Jutarnji list also brings the difference between the price that can be found on the market for reconstruction on the price that Zrinjevac paid for the Zagrebers. And the difference is drastic.


Igor Toljan, B.Sc.