HSLS Zagreb

On 22. session of the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb, held at 18. April 2019. most of them raised the proposal to sell land to a private company to unify more than one particle into one for the purpose of building mineral wastes and recycling construction waste.

It is possible to use the same particle to install a building material crusher in an urban settlement. Despite the opposition of the citizens and local self-government of the town of Stenjevec, which has been repeatedly reported on the field, a decision has been made by the MPs of the majority parties on the advice of the mayor.

By this act, the constructed railway track is also legalized on the same lots that are the subject of sale. Needs for a health center, nursery school, and school are less of a priority than a mineral resource warehouse that will lower the quality of life of citizens in the western part of the city and affect their health.