About two years ago, Mladost was almost in exhalation. With the arrival of the new leadership, headed by the club president Anom Stojić Deban, the situation improved substantially. Much of the financial backlog was solved, players began to receive regular salaries, and their satisfaction with the situation showed pool wins. The investment and effort of the water polo player Mladost was recognized by the audience who, through the entire season of this young man, drank from the board and gave them an extra boost.

For the first time, the water polo player ZAVK Mladost and the water polo player HAVK Mladost won the Regional Water polo League in just a few days in the distance. Zagreb is the home of the most crooked Croatian water polo club Mladost, and this is one of the biggest victories for water polo players after years without trophies. To win the Regional League two Zagreb clubs are especially proud of Mayor Milan Bandić. He and his associates at Dverce Palace arranged a reception for a water poloist and a water poloist who stated: "Water Polo poles and water polo players of Mladost were enrolled in golden letters in Croatian and Zagreb water polo history. The City of Zagreb recognizes and will continue to give great support to athletes, our best ambassadors. You have shown that despite the difficult problems, hard work and effort can come to the golden medal. You are the pride of our city and bath of all citizens and my personal name, I thank you and I wish you success in the coming seasons! "

"Our initial task was to consolidate and set the club to the feet. Before the sporting part of the club was not set the imperative for winning trophies this season. But with the players we managed to be the best in the region, the world's best water polo home. Congratulations to these guys who left the heart in the pool. I believe there is a new, more successful season ahead. " - said HAVK Mladost Ana Stojić Deban.

This is the second consecutive title of the Regional Water Polo League. Together with water polo players, they send a positive message to these prizes and encourage children and young people to take part in water polo and sports as a whole.

"It was not easy, there were difficult moments and challenges, but as a collective we overwhelmed them and gave themselves everything at the most important moment. This title equally belongs to our supporters, which this year was much more than the previous seasons. We recognized that and on their wings they came to one of the best results of Mladost in recent years. Beside us, there are also water polo players of ZAVK, with whom we have included these results in the history of Zagreb sport together! "- Captain Mladost Ivan Marcelić said.

For ZAVK Mladost this season he played: Dina Lord, Emma Miljkovic, Nataša Šerkinić, Latica Medvešek, Petra Bukić, Mia Topić, Lidija Crnić, Kiara Brnetić, Filipa Petrić, Rea Lacić, Dea Domazet, Katarina Tufeković, Matea Skelin and Petra Županić. WINTER Mladost to gold was led by coach Mia Šimunić and assistant coaches Dunja Bračun and Morena Marinković.

For HAVK Mladost, Ivan Marcelić, Jerko Jurlina, Luka Sučić, Antonio Petković, Branimir Herceg, Cosmin Radu, Franko Lazić, Ivan Buljubašić, Jerko Anzulović, Konstantin Kharkov, Lovro Milos, Luka Bajić, Marino Čagalj, Matias Biljaka, Tin Fabris and Tomislav Stipo Samardzic. The bench was led by coach Zoran Bajić, with assistant coaches Hrvoja Hrestak and Franau Vićan, physiotherapist Damir Luketić and fitness coach Peru Kuterovc. (author: Toni Dabinović)