Slobodan Prosperov Novak, or his publishing company Lilliput, has been awarded a minimum of 740 thousand kuna for the preparation of a book on Middle Croatian literature for the last year from the city budget.

Two days ago, we discovered that Liliput in April this year approved the payment of 400 thousand kuna by the Mayor of Milan Bandic.


Jutarnji list journalist Marko Špoljar in today's edition of these newspapers reveals that for the same project, Lilliput received a donation last year. Also by the Act of Mayor of Milan Bandic, from July last year, Liliput was approved for this project payment of 340 thousand kuna.


How did we publish a number and Jutarnji list to another? Namely, both Jutarnji list and we published accurate, but incomplete information. We, too, reviewed and read the Mayor's Act approving subsidies for the "Canon Corps of Croatian Literature, Cultural History, Philosophy and Science". However, we have missed in the research that for the same project less than one year was approved one more than two generous subsidies. Both can be considered as record-breaking when it comes to book preparation subsidies. At least for those who share the Zagreb budget. Since both authors have been working for Milan Bandic, the mayor of Milan Bandic, for a long time, we may have to think about it, but we can only offer the apology to the fact that the search for official mayor's office has been considerably hampered for some time. The archive search engine on the Zagreb site since it is used and USKOK does not work very well, and often and not so, so to find a specific document you need to know the exact date, point and subsection of the revelation (Some acts are "hiding" on the Internet pages under other points from its office).

Concrete inquiries from the City Information Office, at least when asked about this portal, are out of date this year or they can not answer because of the famous GDPR, which is interpreted a bit too much.

That is why we will hereby write that Lilliput received at least 740 thousand Kuna only for the preparation of the Kanon Corps of Croatian Literature, Cultural History, Philosophy and Science. Maybe some donation from the Zagreb budget might appear before the books see the light of day because no one has been completed yet.

-Why could not that be one of the biggest single grants of the City of Zagreb for publishing? This is a big, serious and important project that many authors work on. There is no private relationship with you, so that private relationships can be related to your profession? Some people have projects, and some do not have them. There is nothing strange about you - explained Prosper Novak in the Jutarnji List statement, mentioning that the project was already finalized that former Minister of Science and Education Pavo Barišić did not stop funding the project for the first time in cooperation with the Ministry of Science and education.

These are not the only subsidies the publisher company Slobodan Prosper Novak received from the Zagreb budget. As we have already written in the first text, the first subsidy was paid out in the same year when the company was established.


That year, Prosper Novak was the first candidate for Bandić's list in one of Zagreb's constituencies, but he did not even pass the list.

You're the same 2015. the year when Prosper Novak competed in Zagreb to be a representative of the Bandic Party, the famous writer also prepared the Book of Split. For the Book of Split from the Zagreb Budget he got 140 thousand kuna. He has apparently received little or nothing from Split because his company's total income for the financial year that he handed over to Fini amounted to 151 a thousand kuna. So, the sale of these and other books as well as other subsidies from the state or other cities amounted to a maximum of 11 thousand. Reports for 2016 and 2017. year on Fine for Lilliput pages no. The deadline for submitting reports to 2018. has expired only yesterday so it is possible that what's on the pages of Fine will soon be found when it is known that Fina this year began to sharply punish the companies that fail to meet their financial reporting obligations. No punishment was imposed on the HDZ list holder Karlo Ressler whom Fina was punishing with the 2400 kuna although his company Gray did not even operate with the state and the cities, nor with private companies.

But the young lion of the HDZ apparently did not know how to align its political and business commitments as successfully as our famous writer.

This year will be particularly successful. Namely, mayor Bandic already has the habit of having all the books whose preparation from the budget pays out Prosper Novak and buys when he completes them once and completes.


We do not doubt it will be so now.

And according to publishers' announcements, this capital long-term project should be completed in a month.