Mayor Milan Bandić has dismissed the conclusion that KLEMM SIGURNOST doo from Zagreb selects the best leaseholder for renting the business space at Savska Street 28, 804,52 m2, since the company did not sign a lease contract.

Josipa Klema does not have the right to a bail in the amount of 21 664 kuna. For the attractive space on Savska Street, not far from where he organized and supported defense attorneys, Josip Klemm offered the largest amount for the City of Zagreb last year. The starting price for the contest was 7 221 kunu, and his company offered 31 a thousand kuna.

But since November last year, Klemm's company did not respond to calls from the city administration to sign a lease agreement.

That's why 15 is from the city administration. March 2019. asked the public notary Željka Maroslavac to return the Contracts, which correspondence was submitted to the knowledge and company Klemm security Ltd., although although the letter received 1.travnja 2019, they did not manifest themselves. Bandic had therefore canceled the contract last week.

In April this year, without a city space, Jozo Brkić, brother of Milijana Brkić, remained. City Services have determined that the area is not intended for the purpose for which it was rented or that it did not run the restaurant in accordance with the agreed deadlines. Brkic's decision to deprive the premises remained obscured.

"I am surprised by your inquiry as preparations are under way to open fast food in space. There were some minor problems with redeployment, refurbishment work was not done within the planned deadline. Company Mr. Joseph for the gentleman settles the rent - he sent a message to Brkic journalist 24sata to Ivan Pandžić after he learned of the mayor's decision.

Brkic was also linked with the organization of defense attorneys in Savska, although in the tent of defense did not have such a public and visible role as Josip Klemm. We only mention this because these protests began immediately after Milan Bandić was in custody. Then the protesters from the City of Zagreb through the City Red Cross provided a free and urgent tent. Now the main people from the forehead and the back of these protests remain without the roofs they have won at the bidding. New days and new elections create new alliances and kidnap old.