Emergency motorcycles

Milan Bandic, Mayor of Milan, welcomes present at the presentation of two new motorcycles for the pilot project at the Zagreb School of Emergency Medicine Emergency assistance on motorcycles.

It is about the project of Emergency Medical Assistance on a Motorcycle that was initiated by the Institute for Emergency Medicine, in cooperation with the City of Zagreb, by 2016. when two motorcycles were purchased.

Thanking the Director of the Institute dr.sc. Silvio Hunyadi Antičević and the medical staff, the mayor pointed out that Zagreb's emergency aid is counted over 400 people, and receives about 1200 calls daily. I'm sure two new motorcycles will be of help to our fellow citizens, He said.

We will get them even more, because Zagreb as the largest Croatian city with 800 000 residents is demanding and seeking to raise the slats and to purchase new means of transport. Our main goal is to reduce the number of minutes to the intervention.

Director Hunyadi Antičević emphasized that the new season Emergency Aid on Motorcycles started with 2. May, with the purchase of two new motorcycles and added that three medical teams will be operating in Zagreb, in Dorđićevo, Maksimir and Jarun.

Our bikers at the intervention site arrive for 4 minutes and 54 seconds, while the standard vehicle arrives for 7 minutes and 13 seconds, she said thanking the Mayor and the City Health Office for their support.

The headmaster also added that Zagreb's emergency assistance is the only one in Croatia that has a team of T3 technicians on motorcycles that have been very successful in the past three seasons. Last year they had 713 interventions, of which 190 performed on their own. More than 50 percent of intervention was in the very center of the city where motorcycles due to speed and agility show their true value, she said.