New online service Accessible Zagrebb, a mobile application and service through which users receive and send information about the accessibility of various facilities throughout the city, is presented today at a press conference in the City Administration.

Service and application developed by volunteers during Hackaton which was held in accelerator within Zagreb Innovation Center 5. and 6. April 2019. organized by the City of Zagreb or the City Office for Social Welfare and Persons with Disabilities.

The City of Zagreb invests significant efforts to make it accessible to all categories of citizens and visitors. In accordance with the Equalization Strategy for Disabled Persons, we strive to enable the full integration of our fellow citizens in all segments of life. The new application Affordable Zagreb will greatly contribute, said the head of the City Office for Social Protection and Disabled Persons, Romana Galić.

He estimated that the most important link between the new service of interaction between citizens and the City Administration was one of the special features of the application, which will enable citizens to see which facilities are accessible to people with disabilities, which is of great importance to those with mobility difficulties. The head of state has also explained how the application can be upgraded, which is important for many future projects. The overall work of all who participated in the development of the application was a volunteer,Galic emphasized and thanked all volunteers, sponsors and partners.

Mayor Milan Bandić pointed out that the city of Zagreb was the first in Croatia to implement such an application. One of our fundamental tasks is to serve the citizens. With this application we have made a breakthrough, and our fellow citizens with mobility problems will have public service and information available at 24 hours, the mayor concluded.

U Hackaton was attended by 15 volunteers - students, young professionals and team startup companies. Mentor volunteers Andrej Mrkonjić from the company CroCoder which is itself housed in zICER, explained that purpose Hackaton was designing and developing on-line service to display accessibility information with integration with the navigation service Google Maps. Each object shown in the app has its own rating, ie the accessibility level of the object. Users can see what an object is, how it is accessed, and how to navigate within an object. He also explained that one of the goals is to allow a regular update and easy database expansion: This enabled us to base users in real-time to point to the changes that have occurred in the meantime, as well as suggest items of interest that are currently not in the base.