The biggest Croatian annual musical event of contemporary spiritual music, the concert "Look at the heart" produced by Laudato Television (LTV), on Saturday, 11. May, showed that even the Zagreb Arena is not too big to gather thousands of lovers in prayer, praise and thanks to their only musical and lifestyle Idol.

The concert is being organized for the fifth time as a support to Laudato Television, the only specialized channel in Croatia. 18000 participants from all parts of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Germany and Austria unanimously sang almost three hours, more than 30 songs performed by 125 musicians and performers.

High production, main and auxiliary stage, confetti, lights, top quality music arrangements and orchestration were prepared to be the center of all the songs, the ultimate goal of the gathering around the concert and the core of the entire Laudato TV program - God - was celebrated in the most human way possible .

The concert opened Alan Hržica, Domagoj Pavin i Petar Buljan praying to the covenant invocations of the "Holy Spirit, welcome", "Lord, I need You and Your name is holy." He then flicked on the main stage Rafael Dropulić - Rafo who had already heated the audience reminded the depth of the message of the whole concert 'to open the eyes of their heart' with the same song.

The silence of joy that flooded the hall sparked hosts in the evening, s. Dijana Lončarek, Marin Periš and 'live' from China Josip Kežić, where he began a global search for investors who would be ready to invest and save Laudato TV.

Singing to Love continued Hanna Polhe i Sisters Haluzan with songs 'First Love' and 'Love Like Ocean'. The humility of man in relation to the omnipotence of ocean love, which surpassed itself and the arena itself, sprang into the songs of 'New Creatures' and 'Child Humble' by Alan Hržica. He joined the cello too Ana Rucner, enriching the song 'Look, He Looks at You' and 'Golgotha'.

The richness in diversity - so the leaders welcomed and presented the audience in the sequel to the concert, inviting strongly: 'Let's always be this unique, do not share. But we share ourselves. '

For that time the scene was over The congregation of monks, leading the song 'We've come to you Mother dear' while he is an artist Eva Vukina he painted the reality of Our Lady's character, who carefully cares in the arms of the Arena and watches over the whole scene. Joy was broken with By the choir Mihovil and the songs of 'The Rivers of Living Water', 'I give Heart to You' and 'Thank you Lord'.

During that time, Josip Kežić continued his search for investors. Concerned that there was a Chinese interest in the shop, he presented their great interest in Laudato, supporting the idea of ​​a video clip. In the tears of a smiling, and perhaps worried audience, she kept watch over how the story about Laudat would take place.

The scene then came in Fr. Marin Karačić who sang his own songs, 'U Tebi' and 'Desert', and he joined the rap arrangement in performing the song 'Change Me' Ante Cash. Light rhythms culminated in the group Emanuel with the song 'My Way', 'You Light of the World', 'How Beautiful a Name' and 'Agnus Dei'. Jumping and dancing, intertwined with celebrating and quirking, changed to the stage and drifted across the hall.

- Jesus is alive. Do you believe she is present? He asked Rev.. Boris Jozić, commissioner for lay faithful in the Zagreb Archdiocese at the beginning of spiritual meditation. To clarify God's presence and love, he quoted the line from the Gospel of John: "Truly, God so loved the world, and gave his only Son, that no one who believes in him should perish, but have everlasting life." (John 3, 16) He reminded us of the living presence of Jesus in the Eucharistic bread and called together to be the devotees of this and such God, eating it in the Holy Mass and carrying it to his fellow men.

His words were an introduction to the celebration team of the prayer community God's victory whose interpretation of the songs 'Dubine', 'Every Glory Deductible' and 'Forever' once again drew the heights.

Sister Palic continued the concert with the songs "Water Out" and "The Power of Your Love", and just when everyone thought no surprises were gone, he joined them Tony Cetinski who, together with them, sang the song 'Only Your Love of God'. His performance with Palić's sister ended with the song 'You first loved me'. He returned to the scene again Rafo with the song 'Slavim Tebe'.

At the end of the concert, the end came to Joseph's quest for those who would help Laudato survive. Amazingly, just like the existence of Laudat, he returned to Zagreb and joined the scene with Dijani and Marina. Will Croatia Keep Laudat?

"Young people, this is your country," he said intensely to the assembled Jozo Grbeš, curator of the Croatian Franciscan Custody of the Holy Family for the United States and Canada based in Chicago. Saying that he had taken his way away, he wanted to emphasize that all the wonderful people that the soul met had been divided between the countries they left and where they lived.

- Become apostles, change this country so that you can stay in it, and that can only be if you look at the heart. Together we can change the earth with the power of love. Do not give up - Fr. Jozo Grbeš called.

All the participants of the concert gathered on the stage, and the whole hall, holding hands, prayed the Father of Homeland. Prayer spontaneously fell to the song My Homeland, promising her achievement.

In the end, all the performers were lead by vocalist Petar Buljan, singing the final song 'Roofs', which caused the Arena to be left unattended.

The Great Recognition of the Concert came out Msgr. Želimir Puljić, the President of the Croatian Bishops' Conference and the Archbishop of Zadar, Fr. Jure Šarčević, the province of the Croatian Capuchin Province, fr. Slavko Slišković, Provincial of the Croatian Dominican Provinces, Fr. Josip Blažević, Provincial of the Croatian Province of St. Jerome of Franciscans of Conventions, Don Tihomir Šutalo, the Provincial of the Salezian Provinces of Croatia, Msgr. Janusz Stanislaw Blachowiak, First Secretary of the Apostolic Nuncio in the Republic of Croatia, Msgr. Fabijan Svalina, Director of Croatian Caritas and Croatian Catholic Network, Msgr. Antun Sente ml., rector of the National Sanctuary of St. Josipa in Karlovac, Rev.. Borna Puškarić, Cardinal Josip Bozanić's envoy, Tomislav Madžar, Croatian Parliament Speaker Kolinda Grabar Kitarović, Ljubo Jurcic, Mayor Milan City of Zagreb Mayor Milan Bandic, Ivan Kujundžić, the envoy of the President of the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb, Dr. Drage Prgometa, Iwo Bender, EWTN regional manager for Middle East Europe.

Concert Organizers, Laudato Television and Association The Goodwill thanked the City of Zagreb, the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb, the Prayer Society of Heart of Jesus, all the media sponsors, sponsors, benefactors, prayers and people of good will who, together with them, successfully realized this concert.

The screenplay of 'Watch With the Heart' can be seen premiered on Laudato TV on Tijelovo, 20. June.