Zagreb, 27.7.2015 - Mayor of Milan Milan Bandic held a press conference on "Actors of the Mayor". photo HINA / i ??

Mayor Milan Bandic is today, 13. In May, a working meeting was held in the building of the City Administration at Stjepan Radic Square on the topic of aiding the repair of the damage caused by the explosion in a residential building at Josipa Slavenski Street 12.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the relevant city offices and services and Hrvoje Krajna, manager Stan doo, with whom the co-owners of the building in question concluded the Management Agreement and Josip Sosa, a co-owner representative.

The mayor's guests reported on the current situation in the building and asked him for the help he promised them. At the same time, the Mayor stressed that procedures and laws must be respected, and that people in need should always help. The building is secured, and negotiations between the building manager and the insurance company's representative are under way.

Tenants are currently the biggest problem the elevator is not in, and the building has nine floors. It is expected that the Institute for Integral Control, which is the leading authorized institution in the Republic of Croatia for conducting inspection and lifting operations, will assess the state of the elevator so that it can begin rehabilitation.

It was also agreed that the security guard would be kept from tomorrow's building.