This morning, Mayor Milan Bandić, with his associates and representatives of emergency services, at the Holding Center of the Bus Station addressed the public about weather incidents in Zagreb.

We just completed emergency coordination. We invite our fellow citizens to see us on 0800 818 919. The situation is under control. We go for priorities. The 8000 firefighters were on the ground and the first degree of readiness was declared, Bandic said. He urged fellow citizens not to go outdoors if they did not.

Please do not go to Sljeme, let's wait for the day or two to win the tops. Opening of Floraarta is delayed until Thursday, as it takes a few days for remediation. There was a bus line where transit traffic was interrupted. By the end of the day, we will remedy all that needs to be repaired in the city, priorities of emergency services, hospitals, nurseries, schools and roads. All services are on the 24 Hours Field, the mayor said, pointing out that such a storm has not been recorded in the last 45 years.

Branch Zrinjevac has 22. field teams, cleaners and ZG officers are in standby mode from 5 in the morning and respond to citizens' calls. Only the Bundek were demolished 22 trees.

The Mayor urged fellow citizens to be cautious and patient, pointing out that all city services are constantly on the field.