Pavla Šušković

Pre-election posters from which a Croat mayor's party invites citizens to send the European Parliament to the capable and unsatisfactory, have surrounded the last few days with countless posters that praise the city of Zagreb for the better of the rest of Croatia and Europe.

If it is to be credited with these posters, and the facts are not outlined to correspond to the truth but to the dreams and visions of the longest mayor, Zagreb is an oasis of success, employment and economic growth in a somewhat tired Europe.

It cuts Zagreb as a center of excellence. Because every four years she duly drank in Milan Milan Bandic. And that Croatian anti-impotence drug is stronger than the American origin.

I can not even hurt her years of illness or imaginary pressures such as public pressure, let alone bitter fever, such as investigations and lawsuits of the state attorney's office.

Along with Milan is the present of glittering, and his career is steadily rising. The only side effect is the occasional memory loss.

It has been proved these days in the Croatian courts that they occasionally suffer from all those who have been selflessly giving up if, through their abilities and sacrificial work, in the interest of all citizens, we have helped our Mayor to reach Zagreb as they did, top of Croatia.

It was difficult but it was worth it - the statements of former mayor of Knin and the eternal mayor of Zagreb, when they jointly conquered the Dinara, were recorded. From this highest rock on the land of Croatia there is a magnificent view of the land inhabited by small people. They are small because they do not know how to recognize the victim of people who always put their public in front of them, but even those more martyrs are being pushed in front of some of the Conflict Intervention Commission. Thanks to God for the pious Lovri Kuščević who will do their best to keep the last cross of the remaining pagans removed from their shattered backs.

The world is always ruthless and ungrateful. But our Milan, praised for our budget, does not depend only on the 12 people to expand the Croatians, Europeans and the world to the truth. There they cry. And for those who do not drive on Zagreb's roads and a new free city bulletin. It is issued by a city company that has been operating for years with losses and will easily adapt to new minuses. This is the burden, or the benefit of all the citizens of Zagreb. Again, the word omitted and the author of the text is wrong, one of those many tiny souls who can not learn how the truth does not cost, and when there is too much overwhelming is for the one who pronounces it.

In the fortunes of all Zagrepčani, Bandic for the price and his skin does not ask when their benefit and money are at stake. And there are numerous posters in the city that tell them that they are happy in the city where the bosses decided to print and 40 thousands of copies of the free Zagreb newsletter that you can find at all the better equipped waiting rooms in the health centers.

Tamara Čubretović, a sincere social conversant who brings you in the first issue, as well as all true and honest converts, is the editor-in-chief of this release, interviewing his God or his homeland's chief and listing all the miracles that the boss has done in this country. Otherwise, this new, inexperienced but capable media employee, a city representative who entered the Assembly from the dark list of the SDP, but she did not object to it because all the party mistakes among the first ones admitted and moved to the lighter auditorium of independent and free thinkers who 365 in the year they work exclusively for citizens.

And there was no sacrifice and supplication. Even God allowed him to bully one day a week, but the boss and his men from his club spent their days alone every four years. The rest of the 365 days of the year the Maltese do not even sleep but only work to make it better for others.

But small and ordinary people who are already such people are, this victim is often denied and even less appreciated. Although we live better than anyone in Europe, the people of Zagreb who have enabled us will not, as the polls show, in these elections reward seats in the European Parliament.

Why do not we give greater recognition to this tremendous progress we have achieved? It is not possible that we as a society have become forgotten as our city officials who can not even remember in court how and why they progressed?

Why do not we recognize the great economic, social and political success of Zagreb?

When we became so blind and cynical that we no longer see our own progress? Well, the boss would not be fucking with that. It is only Paul Pavkovic.

What is in Europe is mobbing and sexual harassment, there is a scourge in us. The question of style. It's just one of the many examples that make us so much more successful than this outdated Europe.

But what is it for Milan Bandic and everyone capable of him when we see the voters weaker even from Croatian justice.

And what is true of all his selflessness, when we are so selfish that we are the most capable of ourselves, we only send in Europe losers who have failed to survive this fierce market match of knowledge and abilities that made this city so great.

I am sorry for the Europo, but you too will be at the loss of these choices. We do not give Milana and her to you. We only send to you scientists and some spoiled youngsters who have never fired their hands fairly, let alone that they soon came to give something.