54. Floraart - flowers

54 is open ceremony. the edition of the largest regional floraart flower exhibition. The Zagreb Bundek will be in the next six days, from 16. to 21. May become the most beautiful park in this part of Europe and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors. Opening of the exhibition planned for Monday 13. May was postponed today for stormy weather, and the exhibition is prolonging until next Tuesday.

Floraart was opened by Milan's mayor Milan Bandic, who said on that occasion: "Since Floraart has been here at Bundek every year, we raise the barn with more exhibitors and hundreds of thousands of flowers. So it is this year. Little "God punished us" and we have to postpone it, but now we have a nice time and we will make up for it. Thank you to all the citizens of Zagreb who will come as well as worthy people who have organized this all! "

At the inauguration, the mayor of the Zagreb Holding Holding Ana Stojić Deban joined the meeting and the director of the branch Zrinjevac Igor Toljan who said: ''Floraart is one of the most important events in Zagreb. The exhibition is always peculiar and keeps its original spirit. I invite all citizens to come to the Bundek and to convince themselves of the skills of garden artists who have put together different thematic ensembles in imaginative creations in a unique story.

Visitors will be able to enjoy more than 125.000 seedlings spread over 300.000 m² of Bundek. For more than half a century, Floraart impresses the people of Zagreb and their guests who are expecting more than 300.000 this year. The exhibition will present the work of 200 local as well as 15 international exhibitors from ten countries. An important part of the exhibition are the Exhibitor Competition, the Croatian Cup of Florists, the Competition for the Most Beautiful Home Garden and the International Competition of High School Students, and visitors will also be able to buy seedlings that will beautify their homes and gardens.

"This year, we have changed the concept of the exhibition a bit. There is no bigger tent, we have a few dome, a different impression. We have not changed the rest because the team that gets gets changed. There is a large number of competitions and workshops for our visitors. We are focusing on ecology and sustainable development, we think these topics are very valuable for educating our youngest. ''- said Vice-President of the Executive Board of Floraarta Darko Uidl: "Floraart means a lot for exhibitors and contestants, as well as citizens. That is why the City of Zagreb and the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb recognized us. The number of buses and visitors that appear here during a week's exhibition shows us that Floraart has great significance for our city! ''

A rich program of workshops, education and contests is expected on Friday. The youngest are for Floragraad, and children will be able to try to make herbarium in a workshop that runs from 16 to 19 hours. Those little older in the blue dome from 11 can get acquainted with arranging the relatives. The beauty of the Krka National Park and Nature Park Kopački rit, Lonjsko polje and Žumberak can be seen in the green dome between 10 and 13 hours.

The show is held every day from 9 to 21 watch, and the entrance is free.

(Author: Stipe Cigić)