From 7. to 9., 14. to 16. and 28. to 30. In June, the Homesick Festival Zagreb will visit the 15 Zagreb Apartments, and artists inspired by their own history, childhood, everyday life, wishes or dreams will perform in your apartment, just for you and the audience you invite, two new performances of the contemporary theater.

Your home will become an intimate stage - from contemporary dance in your living room, interactive protest in your kitchen, to theatrical essay in your bedroom.

The Homesick Festival gives you the possibility of a different, exciting, connecting with your own home experience, current location, lifestyle or state of being.

With the minimumlbut effort and bureaucracy (because it always takes only a little good will and a positive attitude), turn your apartment into a micro stage and, for one day, become the owner of your own theater! New project Ganz new Perforacija - Homesick festival Zagreb - a theater that comes to you, in your home!

Homesick Festival performances are not charged, but viewers can leave a donation.


I want to invite you to your home, what should I do?

You can enter the Homesick Festival Zagreb at the following e-mail address: Contact them and arrange the exact date, time and artists.

Possible execution terms are: 7, 8 and 9.6., 14, 15 and 16.6. and 28, 29 and 30.6. (every Friday in 20h, every Saturday and Sunday in 17h and 20h). Please let us know the desired date and time of performance (suggest two terms to suit you) and the name of a desired artist, and we will propose to you another one. Please send us your name, surname, address and district (in Zagreb), the expected number of guests and your contact phone. Upon your reservation, you receive e-mail confirmations with date and time of performance and artist names, and on the day of performance a couple of artists come to you home to make live performances.

Can the performances invite their friends, family, neighbors?

Your house, your theater, your rules! The audience chooses you, so take advantage of this opportunity to reunite the closest ones, such as a theater party for a party, a family celebration, or a unique experience you want to share with your friends and family!

Will I have any costs?

The Homesick Festival performances are not charged at the Zagreb Festival, but you can leave a donation for the played shows. Everything else needed for the realization of plays (eg props and costumes) are brought by artists.

Who are the artists and what kind of performances can they expect?

It all depends on the artists who will visit you. Michikazu Matsune is a Japanese-Austrian performing artist whose work is characterized by playfulness, criticism and poetic absurdity; Bruno Isaković is a performer and choreographer who creates it body art performances and dance performances; Vedrana Klepica is a theatrical author and playwright whose drama was performed in Croatia, Great Britain, Austria, Germany, Australia and Argentina; Nina Kurtela is a dance and visual artist who, in his multidisciplinary work, questions the concepts of home, identity and affiliation. (author of the text: Silvija Stipanov, Artistic Manager of Ganz's New Perforation)