Thousands of people visited the author's MIG: "He is the symbol of our victory"

Since the plane of the legendary Croatian pilot and hero of the Homeland War Rudolf Perešin was exhibited in front of the Ministry of Defense in Zagreb, over 50 thousands of citizens visited Perešin's MiG-21 label "26 112".

Let us remind you to mark 24. Anniversary of the Death of Rudolf Perešin and 28. anniversary of the establishment of the Croatian Army after 28 years thanks to the engagement of the Croatian Government and excellent relations with the Republic of Austria, Perešin's MiG-21, which in October was the 1991. from Bihac to Klagenfurt, he was finally returned to his homeland, where he will constantly remind himself of the flair that became one of the most famous ventures from the Homeland War.

"We came to see the plane with which our hero broke into Austria and we remember that event as yesterday. I can say, I'm really happy to finally come to Croatia, "said Mirko from Zagreb, who admits that in those war years, he was most impressed by Perešin's brave decision.

"The first association in Rudi is his statement that he is a Croat and how he will not and can not shoot the Croats. He chose his side, the Croatian side. That was our Rudolf Perešin, a symbol of Croatian victory, "said Mirko, who is just one of hundreds of visitors who visit the plane of the legendary Croatian pilot every day.

Citizens: The aircraft reminds us of the time we must not forget, it looks magnificent

"I was in the JNA in Bihac as well as Rudy, I was working on the aircraft maintenance. Perešin's brow and his courage impressed me and I can tell you that I was in his place, I would do the same as he did, "Ivan said and says," this aircraft is a reminder of the time we should never forget.

Rudolf Perešin has become an example of patronage, courage and devotion by encouraging all defenders and patrons to persevere in a fair fight for independence and freedom.

Family Perkovic admits, the sight of the MiG-21 aircraft in front of the Ministry of Defense has been delighted to say, from the talks with cadres of the Croatian Army they have learned so far unknown and interesting information about MiG 21.

"The plane looks really magnificent. Our two-year-old son Toni is still very small, but now he says he wants to be a pilot, and that's the big wish of his grandmother. He showed great interest to Rudy's pilot suit and was delighted with this plane, "Tina Perkovic told us and pointed out that she and her husband Tomislav would certainly support her son in his wishes.

Namely, the first stage of the return process of the legendary Croatian pilot was completed. In the project of return of MIG 21 Rudolf Perešin from Austria to Croatia participated 12 aviation technicians from the Croatian Air Force and 15 members of the Support Command who were engaged in the logistics and technical part.

It is planned that the heroine of the Homeland War Rudolf Perešin will be located for a while at 91. air base of the Croatian Air Force in the barracks "Colonel Marko Živković" in Pleso, after which it will be exhibited in the future Croatian Military Museum.

On the occasion of the Croatian Armed Forces Day and the Croatian Army Day, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Croatia invites all interested to visit the Heroes of the Homeland War Rudolf Perešin in front of the Ministry of Defense in Zagreb. (MORH)