The jabs gathered them. The pity of each lime he had separated for them. They do not apply to paper on which their jobs were invented. So this morning, the mayor of Zagreb has to think about all the pots that have been so diligent for the past year.

The list of "capable and non-eligible" has won less votes in the European elections and in Zagreb than all its political opponents in the City Assembly. The same ones Milan Bandic is often wrongs as they can only learn about politics from him.

And it is difficult to argue that Bandic is a doctor of political science when it comes to local elections. But as soon as they step outside of Zagreb, the unconscious mayor of Croatia records only failures. I am grand. How prevalent in local elections is so impotent in the Croatian and European elections. God and no third happiness are helping him.

More was in Croatia in the elections for the EU parliament and invalid votes than was given to Bandic's list. So there are more people in Croatia who do not know how to fill the list than they would give them.

Bandic only managed to overthrow all his doctoral titles in these elections. The electorate did not at all honor his efforts to emphasize as many doctorates from different sciences on one political list as possible.

The voters who ironically disagreed with their pre-election slogans eventually ended up with them. From all prof. dr. sc. the title recognized the appropriate and incompatible names and surnames.

Although we are realistic, this election result speaks more about the people around whom Bandic has surrounded the past years than he is talking about. Even in its worst political moments, Milan did not conquer so few votes as the people who had pointed out in these elections. He did not even run, but he got the most out of all of the campaign and spent it. To only understand how their names and reputation help in the elections, but they move away from them.

As much as he was able to support him in the mayors' election, he supported the list of doctors of science, so much so, if not more, he denied the same doctors he had supported in the elections.

Voters seem to honor someone's ability to buy or gather, but they do not price anybody's will to be gathered or bought.

King Populism is probably not a new political discovery, but he must surprise himself last night when he knew how bad and lazy the team around him was.

And not only on the list, but also on the party. In elections with low output, the party infrastructure and field capitals are the most influential. Where can Bandic be people who can "bring" about one hundred friends and colleagues to the polls? Or, given the fact that they had passed yesterday, where were the people in Milan who were able to lead anyone else to the polling stations themselves? Why did he invent jobs through the City Council and the Holding?

Perhaps the answer to these questions should be looked up again in the list that was offered to them, not just voters. Out of the 12 site, only one has belonged to a formal member of his party. Others have probably wondered what benefits they have for voting for that list they have? For if any party in Croatia is purely interested, deprived of any ideology, then it is the 365 Party of Work and Solidarity.

There is no spin of the doctor who can even convince the most voter that the tram driver is willing to donate a second of his time, let alone thirty thousand kuna, to send a rich widow or former petroleum to a well-paid place in the European Parliament. In Bandic's party and on his list, he enters only for personal gain. Not a stranger or a general.

If Bandic wanted to check the readiness of his party compatriots to do something for him, as he did not care about the good results of this list, he now saw that readiness was nonexistent.

And he probably realized yesterday, if he did not understand before, that he would not have to ask for such a party at any one election outside of Zagreb. Members of his party have only one motive for political action. Personal benefit is their only political legitimacy. And the benefits they only have if Bandic is the mayor of Zagreb.

That is why his political opponents will again make a big mistake if any conclusions or forecasts for the next local elections are made out of these choices (what some already do.) Nemala party machine maker Milan Bandic, who has been scheduled this Sunday, will be much more powerful and active on another May's Sunday.

They will do that Sunday for themselves - not for their boss or their party, but for their jobs and jobs. Whoever in Zagreb attempted to dethrone Milan Bandic, will have against thousands of selfish, engaging and motivated people. As their social status in Croatia is smaller, their desire for survival in Zagreb will be greater.

This may have been to Bandic and it was the real goal of these elections. Do not win, but show your people where their place is. If any of them had a reputation, defame it. If they were once their own people, turn them into ordinary coffers.

If his goal was to devalue every social and political value of all his associates, then Milan Bandic was the biggest winner of these elections.