Pinot Noir Režek 2017 (photo: Julio Frangen)

All the more successful eno-gastro series Sparkling wine journalist's money Renate Cisar i Mustafe Topčagić and under Domagoj Jakopović's leader Ribafish, after Aperitif bar i Sofre Green Gold continued in the new bistro Pomer in the city center, in Warsaw Street.

The restaurant on the site of former café has been carefully and carefully restructured according to the ideas of the owner of Sergei Bulić and contains elements of the club room where guests can relax and enjoy freshly made food from the OPGs and the nearby Dolca, suggesting the initial letters from which they originated Name: POvrće-MEare-RIba. Effective and delightful, just like design details such as bridle rings made of a special type of brass that was used in propeller propulsion for ocean-going ships.

The whole story is rounded off by the choice of the main chef Goran Sertić who is still unfinished 30 years can boast of collaborating with Dino Galvagno, boiled in Apetit City and the Fifth Quarter, and the last station before his Pomeranian was - Noel. Sertić's dishes are imaginative and do not burden them (too) with large quantities of spices. He loves to work with fish, so it's also conceived full a menu that has more than 2 / 3 fish dishes. Apart from the à la carte selection of dishes, Sertić has prepared a special, On the menu: a custom version of the gablec with a glass of quality wine at very reasonable prices.

On the gastronomic match with the wines we found some food for which we did not need a spoon - but nobody did it. The Pomerí menu journey started with tasty little snacks from shiitake mushrooms, goat's cheese and smoked fish that we could combine with already proven sparkling wines of Feravina Grasecco Extra Brut and Grasecco Brut. Interesting combination ... but a single dose would be even bigger with a smoked reverse in the chef's kitchen choice.

Grasecco and shiitake mushrooms with goat cheese and smoked fish (photo: Julio Frangen)

And the continuation required greater skill with a fork than a spoon. The Tatar tuna, a true classic of fresh fish, was spiced properly, and the Black Pinot Drage Režeka, which feels the grass and the bigger, medium body and tender tannins, rounded off the somewhat silky structure of the chopped queen of the sea. (for those who want to know a little more: thatRThe tar is an octopus and egg sauce that served with everything and everything - so all the dishes were called something à la tartare. It is most common it something any minced beef, but with time the sauce was lost in the translation and disappeared and washes, so today we have a mess with steak tartaromjust for the record).

Pinot Noir 2017, Drago Režek (photo: Julio Frangen)

Fresh and fragrant Žlahtina Šipun 2018 Ivica Dobrinčić was excellent with the first dish on the spoon: an asparagus and mussel soup improved the impression of a jar which did not leave a special impression on me for one week: Citrus and salt from Krka are obviously much better suited with asparagus and sweet puddings (really I mean pedalo ...).

With impatience I was waiting for the announced surprise of the evening: R'kaciteli - Fresh, fruity wine originating in Georgia, pleasant citrus notes and pretty hot alcohols. The variety has been planted in the vineyards of Dalmatia over forty years, and most of it is known by its name, which, like many things in Our Beautiful, has nothing to do with reality: the Rus. They used it for baths because of the extremely high total acids and added to the varieties they lacked. But coming Kristine Pinkert, I would say the adventurous enologist who left a well-established wine family business in Baranja R'kaciteli found himself as monosort wine and buttermilk. I can not say that he fell off my leg (this happened much later) but he intrigued me enough to give him another chance ...

R'kaciteli, Dalmacijavino in the hands of Kristine Pinkert (photo: Julio Frangen)

For every case, Kristina also brought some top-quality boutiques Merlot barrique from 2015. which the chef Sertić had topped with cuttlefish on which the company on the plate made bob, bush and melissa. Although I would expect him to be present because of the reddish color, but the soft tannins did not kill the beasts, and I can say with joy that Dalmatia is slowly returning to the local wine scene.

The most praise for the evening was the afternoon eno-gastronomic couple: from Rosé Krešimira Trdenića (cabernet cabaret of sauvignon and portugal) I did not expect anything anymore, because the guys from Moslavina had already learned excellent wines, especially the rhymes, but in the vote for the best combination of the evening it was also a great help from the phenomenal risotto of the bear arch! Kremozan, (again) appropriately spiced so that the bear bowl still holds the main role in the plate - now its the season and do not miss it in this combination.

Rose Bear Risotto + Trdenić Rose (photo: Julio Frangen)

From the land we have returned to the sea through the water Merry Victa, a Korčulanski pošip from Smokvica, where he was fired Our brudet, the last dish on a spoon floating with white fish, crabs and shells. I remembered barricaded mushrooms at the beginning of the story and I was convinced that this combination would be better because this postman is ideal as an aperitif, well-chilled, light and dry.

The sweet biscuits did not come out to me well-known gourmets from the Deep purple group, already deserted from the rounds and dry plums with hazelnuts and green tea the chef called Deep Purple. My newest pet, Traminac Iločkih podruma from 2017. he stood in the glass exactly as much time as I needed to clean the dish.

There has been somehow the mentioned scraping from the foot with the Istrian Aura liqueurs and brandies: teranino, biska, travarica and moscat closed the third edition of the wine with a spoon and the door to the bistro Pomerí.